Premier Ascendable Hershel

Finally got my first premier ascendable, alert Hershel :slight_smile:

Anyone else get him?


Congrats. I’m currently salivating over the disarming michone


Congrats!! :blush:

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Was saving up for a 10 pull but then took a risk and it paid off

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Did a 10 pull and got only 4*, im pissed…

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I don’t typically spend in preimire, but sometimes I do a single pull, I’ve never get any luck haha.

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Yeah it happens to a lot of us, hopefully next time (if you decide to) you have better luck.

I saved up 2 pulls and used em, I usually don’t have much luck on single pulls, unless it’s a duplicate ascendable.

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? Haven’t seen this. New leak?

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At the monument. New roadmap. almost a copy paste of Bruce’s rush but confuse and disarm on attack… mother of god


Very interesting 6 star.

Beta?? I dont see this

No beta I’m on iOS. Gunna make a new thread don’t want to hijack this anymore

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