Premier Arms Cache (Poll)

In an effort to improve the premier Arms Cache, lets give scopely some constructive feedback. The poll answer should be based on how the wheel has been so far.

  • I plan on pulling in 2018
  • I don’t plan on pulling in 2018

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What could be done to improve the arms cache wheel?
What are the biggest problems with the wheel?

One of my biggest problems with the cache is that I wouldn’t spend 225 coins on the current “grand prize” item. When the weapon is basically a 4* that I’ll remove the 3rd stat in favor of another like stun or attack, abs def, stun on def, etc. I would rather refresh the supply depot and hope for a 4* weapon, refills, etc and spend 200 coins.

To improve this, they could put in special weapons like double attack for melee.


Could simply give polishing kits, duct tape, spray paint, and super glue as bonus rewards for doing a 10 pull from it…would make a huge difference as long as scopely doesn’t shaft us by rising the cost of doing said pulls in order to get the bonus like they do with this ridiculous stashes.

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You nailed it.

It stinks how bad these weapons usually are custom crafted and how insanely low the percentage is of getting one from a pull because they do look cool and It would be nice to see some variety in the game for once. Everything is the same. Same toons and same weapons with the same mods. So boring.

Has anyone ever pulled from the weapons cache wheel? That one time when Rick’s Stun Revolver was the featured weapon was the only time i ever considered trying to do pulls there. Other than that, what’s the point? You can make 99% of those weapons with minimum effort. Are new players really that desperate for mediocre weapons?

Nope and I don’t think it takes a psychic to know your gonna pull some piece of shitty gear that you don’t need. The chances for anything decent are infinitesimal. You literally might as well just do this with your money.



I’ve only done three single pulls from that wheel and I was lucky that one resulted in betas machete

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Out of the few single pulls I did over random arms caches I’ve gotten craftable weapon parts :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:

So far, only one person plans on spending any coins on the arms cache this year. This should be a good sign to Scopely that the cache needs a change to improve adoption rate.

Once again, Iron takes the words out of my virtual keyboard. Why pull when I know the results?

Sheiiiiiiiiiiiit. Might as well take whatever 3⭐ weapon I have and modify it to be somewhat useful.

They could

A. Put special skills that aren’t found on certain weapon types onto those weapons (cricket bat is a great example of this)

B. Put unique, balanced, never before seen special abilities on these weapons (such as 70 burn damage per turn for 4 turns!)

C. Remove weapon tokens and weapon parts from the pulls, so you’re getting your money’s worth every time you pull

D. Put all premier weapons in the wheel, instead of just a random selection of them


But they won’t.

Seriously thoes are all good ideas.

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