Premier arms cache idea(s)


Alot of weapons that scopely make to sell alot of the time you would mostly be buying for just a new look of weapon(s). Other then Shiva force Rick revolver (stun gun) Morgan staff (AP down) Clementine shotgun ( impair while defending) and others most of them if not all of them can be crafted on your own free to play if you are lucky of course. My suggestion is to make special stat weapons available to buy on other traits. Example stun while defending could be on a tough (blue) trait weapon or on a fast (yellow) trait weapon. Same can be said for stun on attack for other triats other then green. Mind you it’s all just when you can buy. We already have Priya , fast (yellow) sawyer, Konrad, and Teresas with special stat weapons that can’t be crafted on our own so why not do the same in premier arms cache.

Your thoughts?



I know right mind blown and can’t think of how to respond lol


you should consider balance issues. Your idea is nice but it would be mess with already introducing character ( why red have best defense stat char or why yellow have best attacking stat char)


Too late for making a mess scopely does that without effort. Plus it would not be wide spread because of RNG and still all special stat weapons are bypass by stun so I don’t think it’s too much imo


someone in scopely headquarters was reading this. You can’t Craft splash damage on a strong (green) weapon


lol cut me a check scopely


They’re gonna break the game like this. This is a terrible sign of things to come. Soon all the whales will be able to have a 5 stun rainbow defense


It seems they don’t care though just milking everyone they can until it runs out and the game shuts down … is this game still gonna be going on 2019 ? Doubtful and if it is it’s gonna be like game of war 5 dollars gets you all the newest gear and the best troops as long as you spend 5 a week you can be a top player now


the idea that there is only stunning in red is to avoid having 5 characters with stunning when receiving attacks, and also with different attributes. if they are already upset for a priya or if the enemy has 2 or more stun guns … I really do not understand them.


Lol soon? I encountered whales with 5/5 def spec - per color, choose your specialty.


Absolute defense pistol anyone?


You can craft this yourself aswell. For yellow weapons you can get either 8% on all or 20% for one random member on Raider 3 crit.


Lol most definitely can not craft that


That specific special stat can only be crafted on blue weapons raider level 3


That weapon is not random toon 20%, it is the specific toons holding it. That’s TwoDoggs point.


Hah, I missed that bit. It was late in the evening. I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


yeah that weapon is for holder this craftable one is random