Premier 6* that could have been ascendable from old 5*s

Seems to be a common theme so far.
There’s a few 6* toons that have been released as premieres that sure do look like they could have been ascendable from legacy 5* toons.

Andrea, Sandy, Garrett, Laura, Leaked yellow Rick…

Almost seems they were designed to be that way but Scopley have held them back to create 5* versions for more profit.
Maybe they had plenty of 5* to 6* ascendables all along…already designed but made 5* new versions for €$£¥.
Maybe the promise when originally made was to have all previous 5* be ascended…but now there using those same design to make new characters.

Now I like the recent improvements Scopley have been giving to the gamers. It’s been much needed for along time and hopefully continues to improve.
Wouldn’t like it so much if this toon drought we had was made purposely by Scopley.
I mean we knew Glenn, Governor, Joshua etc… were made ages ago and 2 only got released recently.
Makes me sad that it has gone this way…especially with the excuses been given not adding up.
Maybe if they wasn’t leaked they would have been premier?

I hope Scopley continue to improve how it treats the game and its players.
But I few noticed this with recent premieres and its a bit of a kick in the shins when you think about it.


Seriously…no one wants to talk about the possibilities.

I was looking forward to some chat.

I bet no ordinary 5* I have will ever become ascendable. The ones you listed I’ll probably get in a year when they can be acquired through 4* ascendance or part of a collection event in the future. When Minigun Viktor becomes ascendable and gets an even more kickass rush, I’ll never ask for anyone else to become ascendable.

Just look at the 5* wheel now and name the ones you don’t see in there and bam you got the list of old 5*’s getting a revamp into 6* form.

No point discussing this, its been said multiple times by multiple different people and the response is the same.

You get the supporters who claim scopley need to sell these premiers and 2/3 f2p ascendable 5* a month is enough (with that logic its going to take over 7 years till all current 5 stars are ascendable)

Or you get the people who agree with you, want less premiers and more f2p or old characters *the majority of people" who are just ignored, as you say this so many of these characters would have worked well as upgrades to old character, but the profit isnt there supposedly as instead of some money scopely wants it all from there customerbase


You think Abraham and Donny will get a 6* form? Definitely hoping for Abraham.

promise is promise
Scopely you know if you keep on acting like this

things can get very serious?

I want an original tyresse yellow 5*

We had blue 5* laura but they made a new 6* one… weird

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