Premier 5* Ascendables

So I was thinking, with 6* being the future and we got given a list of old 5* for Ascension, should we not also get some premier 5* of late ascendable?

Not only would it take some of them pain away of not being able to use these toons much now because of the amount of 6* that can one shot them?

I know it would make some people that actively spent money a little less annoyed.

Not saying all but even the last 5 big premier toons or so? Ie Priya, Blue Michonne et cetera…

Or at least give 5* a stat boost like the 6’s got.


i still use my blue michonnes on attack but ofc can’t use them on defense and whenever i open my roster see 2x of her makes me sad.


Same here loved her from the moment I pulled her. Priya too. Makes me sad knowing I can’t use my fave toons as much now. Even a stat boost would go a long way. Probs just a hopeful fantasy lol

One simple reason why this won’t happen, allowing us to ascend the toons we paid good money for 4 months ago ‘might’ prevent us spending more to acquire the new generation premier toons.

They think it’s more profitable to create a small pool of 6* and make them pay only, maybe it is more profitable, it’s just not ethical or moral.


Yeah I thought that as well. Just a pipe dream I guess, but would deffo go a long way though, Cus we would still have to find and use fodder for said toons.

They could even ascend them right now with Just the stats and update graphics later like other games do.

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I actually disagree with that. They are still trying to sell five star premium Characters. But no one’s going to buy those characters because five stars are passé. However if they started making them ascendable, people would start buying them again. I don’t see why this hasn’t been thought of by the brainiacs at Scopely.

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the last thing i need are 6* Priyas :slight_smile:

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Exactly, it would be a win win situation. Would make a lot of people that spent money o their roster, wouldn’t feel like such a waste anymore.

You pretty much already have 6* priya in shiva

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Not me :sob::sob::sob: