Premature exp scav mission collections

Over the course of 3 yrs playing this game too many times ive accidentally collected exp scav missions while intending to hold them till level ups. its too easy to accidentally tap and claim a mission while tapping food, TG, or workshop collections. If there was a safety check before all the exp comes rolling out thatd be great. Im sure ive done this 6-7x and it is maddening to lose 500,000 or more level up points this way. Thx

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Pretty sure that’s how they want it. If i remember right, originally you could force close the game if you accidentally collected before you were ready. After people posted about it in the forums, just trying to help others, they “fixed” it to how it works now…

Any resource you waste by mistake, in their minds, raises the possibility that you might spend to replenish that resource.


Keep your camp away from them that is what I have done

Thanks guys. Rearrainging my town helped. Its just those times where youre clicking fast and collecting stuff that i click that priceless 100K exp mission and i have to watch it tick down to zero points earned. Oh thats a painful enraging 10 seconds.

By the way , is there a lvl up tonight or what ?

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