Predictions anybody?



There will be 2 new league toons requiring the new special league gear and they won’t be worth it haha. Only Scopley can make a good thing a bad thing Everytime #putbackthecoins!!


No need to flex fam WTF


I don’t think so…


You just proved my point… Says qualifiers right up top


Son of a biscuit you have a point, I feel like that’s kinda dumb tho


I just hope they add at least ONE Telltale toon in the new store


So does that mean new toons will be in the store after 5.13.19 Juan


Sorry 3.18.19


Idk with every new season they give us an extra week to rack up pts to get the toons from the current season aka “Qualifiers” and then replace everything in the store with new toons, so I guess it’s gonna be another week before we get new toons available.


Assuming what they wrote is correct (which is always somewhat a guess), the new toons will be there Monday. No more extra week.


I hope so…


Any telltale ascendable would be good but I want the new Clem, Violet, Kenny and Lee the most so I’m hoping that it’s one of them


We were already blessed with Gator. Gator Rules!


Alice will do fine lol


It says the current season store ends when the season ends which is 3:18/2019 at 1am and season 4 qualifiers start at 2 am which is the start of season 4. So the season 4 toons should be there in store after 2 am on 3/18 when season 3 ACTUALLY ends and season 4 begins.


I thought it might be green something as they said the upgrade materials are caps and jackets - same as needed for shawn. Probably wrong lol


I think it will be strong Earl


2510 Off
20 HP
1320 Def

Rush: “Da heck me missin’?”
68 AP
Gives all teammates 50% Bonus HP except of the strong ones. Up to four enemies gain 350 % pain.

Active Skill: “Head up”
Number of uses 2
Initial Cooldown 30
Cooldown 30
All teammates recover from every issue. This Char gains minus 40 AP

This is my prediction



I knew you’d show up with a Gator picture lol


Had to dust it off but since you mentioned gator picture here’s the other one.

#GATOR RULES!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You were close