Predictions anybody?



What are y’alls predictions for the upcoming season toons? Since there are only 5 and a half days left, I’d like to see your guys predictions.


I think there’s still another week. Next week is qualifiers.


and wes should get our free 1 of each trainer crate


I hope it’s a new Aiko.


I hope it’s an anime girl with a huuuuuuuuge personality


There have been leaks so predictions are the leaks may or may not be accurate.


Gator will be in there for the 3rd slot


Or maybe it can be Harlan and Winter Richard.


I would like to see yJesus in store. I don’t really have a use for him but thus far he’s evaded me.


I’ll take slow 5* Jesus or Andera just for Museum in 5* spots


Tobin would be nice


Wait you don’t have all the premieres :open_mouth:
Put Alice in the league store along with diego and dale :joy:


5* ascendable Gator


What was that?


I predict Anime Shiva.


name three toons u dont want, it will be them

harlon Richard and gator


I’m just hoping for the new Clem


camo mich pleasssseeee


Did I stutter?


I agree