Pre order typhoon book Zhu different than event Zhu

Why does the pre order Zhu have 50 % heal reduction and the Typhoon event Zhu 75 % ?? Also less damage

Arent they supposed to be the same?

one is 1/10 ar skill the other have 10/10 ar skill


Yes I know that one shows full 4tier, but the info on skills usually dont change between the tiers do they?

O yes they do
3/10 +25% heal reduction
6/10 +50% damage
9/10 +50% damage again

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Ah ok. Just havent paid attention then lol.

Hey there ShiningStar, great question! As you can see on the top image, the +25% heal reduction unlocks when you hit Adrenaline Rush level 3. Also the characters damage will increase as you increase your Zhu’s Tier and Level. I hope this helps clarify!


Can you help us clarify how the character is so bad in this day in age where S class is the only thing that matters?


Thats not a great question and therefor will never be answered


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