Ppl who chose christia

I hope your redy to feel of James than you’d like too cuz his face is saying it all


That face almost makes me wish I chose James.

But then again, getting to utilize Slow is sweet too.


he is about to commit several crimes


Why did they make him so creepy looking?


Because James has other use for that stop sighn clearly

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Don’t take candy from strangers or smiles like that.


If your going to suck as a toon, might as well look bad ass.

He definitely has some extra chromosomes.


James gang in this joint



Is that a filthy Frank reference?

I think he is one of scopely employee who create some mess lately so that the top guy in the company have to punish him by using his face there as avatar lol


what if I chose Christa in one region and James in the other

Looks like jb

No, JB looks like Nostalgia Critic’s teenager character. No joke.

I think people arent giving James enough credit.
With +35% attack on the weapon, huge Ap on attack and +35% att against opponents with 60%+ hp (or revive on a kill if you can make it!), high attack mods, with a crit and att boost in there (make sure you include your highest confuse resist on him) veteran rings, and an attack lead (looking at you Camila), he could quite easily wipe out all the 6 stars in most teams with just 2 normal attacks critting.

There both good, hold on for a couple of weeks to get a real picture🤷🏼‍♂️

All of them are good. It depends on your current teams and what you really want imo. But hey, James is really looking like he is trolling or something and Christa is straight faced because she literally does “not waste” at all. Lol

Execpt her baby which pppl forget Magically forget dissipered when clem and her wear camping in s2

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who the fucks that?

kook i mean jb