Ppl who are suspended

I know what the official write up on these suspensions says. I also used to think all these people saying report wars were happening and leading to suspensions were just talking nonsense. I just can’t explain how no one in my faction has ever had an issue, then suddenly 2 players get suspensions after we moved to a ToC region were people were open about not wanting us there and then sit in GC reporting everyone that says anything and bragging about it… It’s just odd if the reports are checked by a human they’d end up suspended for saying stuff like, “please drop strip, we had surefire first”.

I’m just not sure which link you mean…One of these will probably cover it though…


We had a problem with chat wars awhile back. It has pretty much stopped. People who say it doesn’t happen are wrong.

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Suspensions are way our of control. I say anything and it’s instant bulling from others but if i say anything else… boom suspension

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I wish.
I happens on the forums all the time.

It’s a really stupid idea. If you don’t like what someones saying just block them


While the game is throwing out bad language yet you said bog off boom ban !!


See what I mean ^^^^ smh

That was an auto-flag by the forums software, though.

Oh I know… Just think its weird how the f word don’t get flagged yet me saying b#g off did.

Ffs :joy::joy::joy::joy:


How dare you swear in a 18+ game that uses foul language throughout the campaign. Disgusting behaviour :joy::joy::joy:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: good god


The problem isnt with the swearing everyone loves to point out that the game uses cuss words we get that. But the games context is different than the way some people use the cuss words


Leave people to their own discretion and they act like savages and say some pretty deplorable stuff to others

How can “f*** you” differ from the game and the chat?

the game is not telling you that personally but you are telling that to a person in chat it is very easy to see the difference here

It’s called context when said as part of the game it’s part of the dialogue of the story. When you aggressively say it to another player that’s the difference

Ah. Yes fair enough lol. But still it’s petty shouldn’t be suspended for it

Sure you should no one wants to see you be a clown in gc. Before suspensions it was ridiculous how some people acted it is 100 times better now.