Ppl who are suspended

Will ppl who got suspended still recieve the free coins and rewards etc?. In our region ppl are using suspending as a tactic. Just before a faction event starts they report ppl so that they can’t participate.

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Weak move

this is wrong it is never working like this


Nope. It’s is correct. You say gg after an event. Boom suspension

Definitely not how it works. And you don’t get insta b@nned as soon as someone reports you.


Don’t post naughty things in global that get filtered

I didn’t think it could either, but since we moved to a ToC region that didn’t want us there, 2 factionmates have caught suspensions. No one has said anything remotely offensive.

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I’ve heard of people doing this but you have to help them by saying something against ToS

Nah. Legit there’s ppl in my faction who have not said anything that breaks TOS

Saying gg everyone isn’t breaking TOS.

That’s not what they got suspended for they said something else


Nope. I 100% checked. Nothing rude or inappropriate was said.

Its could have been from days before you domt get insta banned a person always has to review it first

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@LadyGeek could you post the link about chat b@ns

no coins for you

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Could have been from a crw in the past just talking shit for fun

so you read all private messages sent


There’s beef between the top 2 factions. No one private messages the other. And that’s a fact

but you can not know for sure

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I’ve seen what was said. It wasn’t anything suspension worthy.

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