Poxy arena why?

What is the point of draft in arenas. We play to use our toons , and mods yet we get shit to pick with no leader skills. Come to think of it why have arenas at all.

Draft in the upper ranks is absolutly rediculous I can agree. No way I’m taking out full s class teams with windowless commands with basic weapons and a random party I’m forced to stich together. I barely play and end up in diamond 2 whale city. Shows how sad the player base has become when someone who logs on once a day is diamond


I am trying to figure out how the defending teams that use AJAX have stun weapons in drafts. He has s fixed weapon and it it suppose to be reflect, not stun.

You can craft stun on to Ajax’ gun? Your opponents have their normal mods & weapons. You can see it for your own team when choosing your def toons.


You don’t draft a defence team, you use your normal defence team. With their normal weapons.

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And therein lies the problem/obvious and basic design flaw.

Draft arenas would be so much better if it was draft on both sides or at least equal in terms of no weapons/mods/leader skills on both sides. It doesn’t take a genius scopely…


Aren’t they equal already with no mods or leader effects on both sides?! Weapons wise as well, as you can add weapons from your inventory if not bound
Not sure about it tbh, but i like this mode the most cause can get to use the toons i don’t/can’t have …my least liked one would be classic endurance… yikes

Out of curiosity what league are you in? I liked Draft before S Class came out but now that I face windowless S Class teams with commands and the latest toons with my bunch of random toons with horrible stock weapons there is no fun at all in Diamond.

Seems like most toons you can draft have a bound weapon. Would be so much better if they let us put any weapon we have on them instead of stock

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Am in diamond 2 bud, most of the time my drafted team consists of a doc, a taunt bide toon (pref Cameroon), a command, a revive hitter preferably mia/rick and a heavy hitter like priya hengyen, sometimes i take Laopo if i see buncha opponents with doc/raven…i avoid teams with petes or payback toons to avoid using buncha turns as well. Win rate is around 90%…it’s challenging at times tho

Come to think of it, we need more fresh toons in there like s Aarav Guo wangfa daiyu and new promo 6* ones, these ones are starting to get a bit stale tbh

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Glad we had this talk. Diamond 2 too currently. Typically just go at the top 5 points defenses and don’t have a great win rate with some of the random toons to choose from. So realistically it’s better to go after lesser points that have a better guarantee. I’ll switch that up.

I think my biggest complaint is weapons. Not being able to generate AP while the defense has all huge AP weapons.

They do need to update the toon pool though, some of the choices aren’t much good.


I’m in diamond. But it happens in platinum too if I remember correctly. I cant change bound weapons in draft… I tried. Not sure what that’s about

You can’t change bound weapons since they are bound. But it would be a helpful addition of you could. Especially since now we have that capability with 5* weapons. If they just made weapons interchangeable in Draft only it would help a lot. So they won’t.

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That’s what I’m saying… every team that I face in drafts… their AJAX has a stun gun. Maybe the computer can do it but we can’t?

You aren’t facing computer generated defenses. Other players are setting their defense and they can’t put weapons on their defense. So can you for the defense you set

Weird even in drafts? I didn’t know you could choose your defense in drafts from your own roster! Good to know

The purpose of Draft is to try out toons you don’t have. I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.

People actually set their defenses in arenas?


Exactly what I’m saying… I’m getting confused by responses here…


When I face teams in DRAFTS… why does AJAX and other toons with FIXED weapons have upgraded weapons? Ajax’s DEFAULT weapon is reflect, NOT stun… so why do the teams with Ajax on them have stun in the weapon? <------- simply put

I answered this already. You set your own defense for arenas including Draft. So you can put whatever weapon you want on your defense. If you have modded your Ajax with a stun, then when you put him as your Draft defense he will have stun. It’s that simple.

Draft arena sucks. And they need to update the toons. Why do we only get S class toons in one or sometimes two slots facing a full team? Like why the hell do I need Harrison?