Power tokens not in rewards


So it’s the final week of the RTP and you guys are throwing us endless level ups and the faction level up doesn’t even have power tokens? Let’s hope VK is wrong or this is just beyond dumb. @kalishane


im willing to go with the latter


I was able to turn in 15 sets of badges last week with the raids. I also love how this week not only are events missing badges but they stopped dropping in raids too. It’s like they were being too generous with us and had to put an end to that. The museum allows for 100 sets to be turned in. If that’s not a giant troll from Scopely I don’t know what is.

This event was total garbage. The wheel is full of useless crap. The second stash is way to expensive and even if someone somehow opens all of them they get a garbage weapon. Just wow.

I don’t think we all want to be so negative all the time so please give us a reason not to be for a change.