Power token wheel

I got this but it’s useless to me since I have 6 gps now and 0 canteens smfh “why do I try?”

You think he got a lot of Brady’s, I had a 10 pull and got all Brady trainer packs except for 1 campstove.

I declare you Brady Emperor! :star_struck:

Had enough for 14 pulls from the stash after getting Rick

2 knife sheaths
2 whetstones
1 practice dummy
4 tripods (out of the 6 total, huh?)
5x Brady (oh yeah!)
2 watches
1 sports gauntlet
1 hockey mask
1 night vision goggle from the wheel with the leftover tokens

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I was all token wheel this event that’s 35+ pulls and not even a piece of legendary gear or crate all a waste of tokens (elite gear) FML I feel so down from this event not sure if I’ll even try anymore…sometimes it feels like the game tells me to go **** myself after working so damn hard

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70 pulls and best I got was a hockey mask and a gps. I now have a bunch of Rickgrets. ( Cause I didn’t pull Rick lol… Look it’s a bad joke I know… I’m just doing what I can to make myself feel better.)


A single Lilith, then the rest being 3*-4* gear mostly.