Power Token Pull Results Thread


Did RNG bless you or screw you over? We wanna know


First pull


I’ll be pulling 100 at a time


School bag. Screwed over is what most of us are going to get.


Fr though use all your self restraint to hoard your pulls as long as possible, the more pulls you do at once the better the chance of getting something good


lol, skipping the probably junk gear and going for the gurantee


We got tokens already?


yeah do the roadmap


New roadmap gets you 200X Alexandria badges. Enough to trade for 200 power tokens (2 pulls on either the stash or the wheel)


thank you for telling me.

I’ll check it out.



Think ima go hold tell i see what other stash is like


Fac mate got trainer pack 6 lilliths. My luck sucks so ill skip those pulls and go for toon lol


Practice dummy & a topo map…damn you rng!!


Sounds about right. Too much garbage on the wheel. Don’t like the Rick stash either but getting Rick is better than pulling 46 gas masks. So far not impressed with the event after the hype. :-1:


I am so impressed with how people are impressed that I haven’t logged in today in game. Super hyped honestly.


No evidence of that.


Lol ok tootsie pop


You won’t be after you keep pulling the crap gear from that wheel. This is also the 4th yellow in a row that they made the top prize in an event. What is up with that?

I didn’t say anything negative and had high hopes until I just looked at the wheel and the stash. Other than rick and the very small chance at some top gear it’s not impressive.

Am I missing something that is yet to reveal itself? If this is it for 30 days :-1:


It doesn’t hurt the player regardless of which method is done, but perpetuating a myth as truth is stupid.