Power creep in effect again!

Anyone noticed that the last 4 legendary toons all have a fair hike on total stat value?

Generally the last 20 or 30 have stuck around the 4800 / 4900 mark.

Last 4 are all well over 5k.

I guess at least one is a ftp toon but still… makes me wonder what the future holds!

The future holds more of the same shit. It’s an endless treadmill and in the end the major part of spenders will heavily regret to ever have spent on this game while Driver buys some more mansions and cars he doesn’t need.


higher stats for now but then a 7* will come out from the shadows but 7* are going to be only a newest promos

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Nah, clearly these spenders have no buyers’ remorse. 10 years later, there will be 15* toons and these spenders will still continue to exist because Stockholm syndrome :slight_smile:


It is obviously a minor reset - slowly make all the teams we’ve spent/grinded/farmed to achieve obsolete. It isn’t quite 7 stars, more like 6.5 stars…

In 12 months, it’ll be 7 stars or 6 stars with another 500 extra on the total stats.

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Yep everyone is noticing. I didn’t get to face Cole or (Camilla obviously on defense) in crw. If these stars make the intended impact I think they do, it might be curtains.

Prove it or it didn’t happen.

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um… check the 6*s in the statue… and grab a calculator ;D

last 4 toons, combined stats are all about 5.4k, pretty much any toon that’s been released recently (ftp or promo) hits around 4.8

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Lol. Nice troll :joy::joy::joy:

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15 star Rick with 90000 attack and AR that nukes all enemies

Yes. And all no doubt given the same ranking as the f2p/earlier 6* équivalents no doubt making war and raids even harder.

One day soon I will have to bite the bullet and look for a new game to play.

Seriously? What’s there to prove? Open the app, look at the cards in the tower and add three 4-digit numbers together.

It’s blatantly obvious and the involved mathematics is not so complicated that we need a scientific paper to prove it.

Dude. Sarcasm.


When has power creep not been in effect though this game constantly makes your toons or money useless after a couple weeks







my maths sucks :upside_down_face:

It’s not real.

All true math is in base (pi). Not this base 10 crap.

decimals are fun yo…PIs are difficult

If we only have 3.14… tentacles don’t you think we’d be mathing in pi?

@anon76032564 I know this is your jam. Get in on it.

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