Post your war pulls here

I got this abomination

Better then this abomination. How am I supposed to improve anymore without buying premiers? Getting to be a little rediculous now. That was for 5th place as well so not exactly phoning it in.

More trash :man_shrugging: like always. Bc my A¢¢ount ¢ode isn’t “Special” or “Lucky”

Do u hate everything?


I hate toons I have no use for

Already have pamala? Because she’s a pretty good leader

I’d gladly trade you a Kal for that Pamela.

He’s a attention queen.

He’s gay not queen

Wasn’t attack him on that. Since he wasn’t attacking hetero’s.

These pull threads aren’t even cool anymore because by large all the wheels are trash. Like everyone is getting trash no one is getting lucky.

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Yo! Seems like one turd is removing posts again.
Grow a pair! :joy:

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Seems like if scopely started giving poop :poop: with 6* above his head holding a stick, people would be licking their boots and worshiping them and be so grateful for that

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