Post your walker horde score

Yo, u tough Nate, I’m sucked with 140 at end, and place 5, sorry, don’t have screenshot)

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My league was kinda low scoring

1500 points xD

Thats a good score WarEnsemble.
I did lose 4 battles because of running into the six star mirabelle and solange combo with 5 star tripp solange kept them alive and trip kept them from healing. Should of took the one walkers who decap.

134k. Would have gotten more but this weekend was pretty busy for me. At least I took 3rd place.

I lose a half battles i have, cuz in diamond 2 every battle it’s battle against Lydia-Sandy-Eze and etc revivers\healers with add health. For my unluck i didn’t get a right cards in right time.

I’m sure scopely loves seeing all these scores. Keep me coming!

Got 55 basils from tokens lol

180k. I pushed to get last milestone this morning

If i was in gold i would put like 250k

Yeah those prizes weren’t worth it. They made this event seem like it was going to be something big…so they roll out some small amount of league tokens you need for gear and a few pulls on the stash If you placed and 2 for ms. Horrible way to roll out a new feature. Why not give out great prizes to push people to engage. I did enough to stay in my league. If it had decent prizes probably would of pushed alot more.

Got Joshua from the tokens :slight_smile:


Crazy lucky, congrats!

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Thanks :):smiley:

Me too


#1 is me (just in case)

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