Post your snowman token stash pulls

Snowman tokens used for legendary stash has dropped. Post your pulls if you got them.

.05%… Lol


Time to watch the whales get one and complain about a dupe.


The offers for them didn’t start yet.

“Damn my 4th Romanov. Guys I think it’s rigged”


You’re telling me the 8k coins for a 20% chance from the token bag isn’t a great offer?

I pulled dust because that’s about how much I’m willing to spend. Keep the holiday spirit going $copely you cheap bastards


as you can see i grabbed 2 crates @ 200 coins to hit the token

none of these toons were dupes for me. i literally hit the snowman token with league coins, no whale here, wont lie tho, hoped for that unicorn of mine called disarm


The luck some people have

lol, my luck is normally shjt. im the guy that normally can buy all the lottery tickets but 1 and that dude wins

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Well you may wanna play the lotto today bud

actually tempted to, lol

By the way I really love these brag threads :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Um wrong person. I never said that lol.

Pulled my 5th lacerator rick smh damn scopely and these dupes

how on earth did you end up with 5 ricks? that’s insane. wasn’t he only on premier wheel up until now? not gonna spend even if i would get a pull i would end up with romanov, i just know it…


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4* conner

The token never showed up for me. Hahaha

you can only get them from pulling from a crate in shop for 200 coins and 0.5% chance at getting the token