Post your shame count!



I’ve seen higher. But that’s my shame score.





used to have 1.5 mil before ascendance came and I started buying all the extreme sale 5s for fodder


Makes me feel better.


I feel more shame. Sold all my four stars


I’m at 50k now had 110k last week



I wish i had more. Just picked up another Andrea right before they released her. Probably don’t need her but ah well. I have wanderer

2x Duane 3x gov 2x Tyreese and 3x andrea. Always bought them when they popped in depot.


i cycle depot periodically to buy up all the trainers cans and weapons so my points dont go much above 250k.


I have 84k been waiting months for Duane


You may want to watch some videos with your 0 gold


Not after doing 3 10 pulls and a few singles to get all 4* I’m good lol


Oh ok I’m waiting on a revive or shield to make a 10 pull right now


why? what is 3 coins going to buy you? lol


You got me haha I just pay for 30 day


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