Post your shιτ ...war

I wanna see the shit on war

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
@GR.Scopely pls take it to the team :slight_smile:


Omg ure so lucky

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Wheel of 6… What can you expect?

Besides a lack motivation… only 30 days left.

WOO! That was 50/1000 last war. Now it’s on 150. I’m on SUCH a high rn I can barely stay still. Cannot wait to give up next weekend too!!!


I didn’t even got enough for a pull…

oh well, the wheel isn’t even that good anyway

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congrats !!! i’m jealous

Jeremiah. A dupe. Just doesn’t make it worth while.
Glad I’m done with this crap.
Going away next CRW so i won’t war at all and i dgaf.


Oh boy

I’m in the same situation. Well till next weekend

Didn’t have her before and she came as a 6 star so I can’t be mad.

I’m in the same situation till about Christmas lol

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Double 6* Jeremiah.

The maxed 6* Jeremiah collecting dust on my roster now has company…

How the fuck did you get 3 of the same toon?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely. can you “take to the team” the question of why is the 5* tokens wheel better to pull from since the update than the war rewards wheel. And why, seeing as you were easily able to update wheels rather quickly has there not been an update to the war rewards wheel seeing as the playerbase has made it quite clear it is garbage for war rewards


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Wared all weekend for a Vincent. A toon I got from an event over a year ago and wasnt very good even then. He has no buisness being on a war wheel. Horrible experience. Only serves to inspire me to keep my wallet closed.

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3rd Vincent 6* :tired_face::gun:

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