Post your raid crate drops here

Hey guys,

I’d like to have everyone who’s raiding post how many crates have dropped and how many S class items you’ve received from these crates. It seems, once again, that Scopely has screwed with the RNG or drop rates on these items and I would like some data to throw in their faces. Please post the #’s or videos if you have them. Thanks to all who respond!


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60 crates. No S class collectibles.


I have had over 250 to 300 crates drop with 500 keys and 300 cones

I’ve opened about 80. I’ve pulled around 3500 Yang tokens, not a single S-Class item


110 crates, 100 cones…

Getting around 2-3 crates per can.

Blue crates all with 50
Pink crates had 2x250 a few 85 and mostly 50

No keys and cones. Raid score close to 3k


Around 100 crates over 2 regions EACH … 0 S-Class items

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Over 100 crates 0 ice cream cones 0 keys

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Raid Score 5,282… have gotten 2 ice cream drops. Guess I’m “lucky” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. I just need 10,000 raid cans I guess.


Nothing to post, zero cakes or keys.

I’m not disappointed because I had zero expectations.


About 40 crates, 200 cones

About 100 crates. 0 S class. Zero. Zero. Zero. I actually start to wonder if they really drop or did I missread.


Only done about 8 cans so far. Don’t know exactly how many crates. They were dropping about every 3 raids though.

Have gotten 1 cone and 1 key drop so far though

Almost 100 crates, 50 or 85 or 250 yang, 2x100 cones and 1x100 keys, nothing more, collectibles are 1% probably

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100 raid cans zero keys zero cones

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Agree on the 1% rate. Haven’t done any analysis, but they use that pretty standard in crates and the numbers posted serm reasonable with a 1% rate.

1% chance to get 1% of the required collectibles, when the drop of the actual crate you want is around 10%
And a few days ago the forum was bending over thanking scopely for these cans


2.4k and 0 drops from crates. Ridiculous.

The drop rate of the original raid tournament was way better. Should have put 20 keys or cones in one of the spots in addition to the 100. We are going to end with so many extra of these collection items with nothing to show for them.


Opened another 15 of each, got 100 cones so that’s 100 of each now and 4k yangs.