Post your Nayas!

So im sure some people have her already and some got her from league store like i did, but if you got her show off her stats, her mods, and her weapon on your duel kukris badass ill start it off and show yall mine

i maxed out her ar and active skills
im useing these mods as temporary till i max her out
and im going for huge bonus to ap when attacking and 40% Atk i will he using her on my def team because she is a great attacker.

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You gonna be running her on defence?

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If you go to the Mods Management section and take a screenshot there, we actually will be able to see the numbers on the mods.


Yes i am

Thanks ill update it

She will be dead T1, nothing more than an AP gain for anyone that attacks you.


It all depends on the leader im using plus my revive will bring her back so it works out

at least ur naya cause burn, the mine cause hemorraghe

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So… basically still default?


i think it’s a post that says post your Nayas so I can have an idea what to do with her :slight_smile:

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Her burn doesn’t stack on top of other burn damage if I am not wrong. But does it stack on the mods you install on her?


burn doesn’t stack, but with her specialist skill you can spread burn to adjacent enemies

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Exactly :joy:

If not ill replace it with a bleed mod to do more damage

Going to try and be defensive with fast ap gains on mine.Dat Specialist skill yum.

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My old naya burn

image image

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Just ascended her today! :smiley:

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Only added huge to atk on weapon so far

She’s squishy