Post your Mr. Jones

I’m proud of this. I earned him without any silly exploits too!

For a player who QUIT some time ago you look very interested to grind and spend for game content, eh? I don’t put a cent and got the same Mr Jones, thanks to Scopely mistake, not mine :ok_hand:




Мне ни одна нужная буква не выпала😔

I have thought of it as well. Anyway we’ll see another “I quit” post soon enough;)

Im in the bucket thay was locked out of the arenas on the last day of part 2 so no mr jones… watev wouldnt use him anyways! (Sitting in the corner crying)

Damn @Aeris you’ve misjudged the atmosphere on this one. I know your not but this could very easily come across as trolling considering the arena and roadmap issues.



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