Post your mod pulls

Another slap in the face

Bronze crap here too. No point in ss it.

Bronze graze crit mod. Talk about useless

Bronze also.

Gold taunt resist

Bronze also

Silver Crit set, burn resist…at least silver but not many characters I want crit set on. It is free but not much of a completion reward.

not from the league ending box but from the league store still in my opinion a great mod

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Gold bleed

I usually don’t ss bronze mods but I had to for the lolz

Also a bronz mod. Literally expected a silver. But this just proves you should have no expectations or wishes when receiving anything from Scopely. It’s like Harry Potter getting a pair of socks for his bday from the Dursleys

Bronze burn on attack

Out of all my regions the best I managed to get was silver crit set attack against greens

Bronze :poop: here also :crazy_face:

Crit set crit so im overly thrilled!! Doesnt even matter its gold cause those are useless even at gold level. Useless or you have 5 of them already either way.

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