Post your ideas and suggestions to Scopley in this thread


Here is one huge thread to post your ideas and suggestions you want for the game, and for the leaders to take back to the team.


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It would be a good idea that if I went through 30 2* toons trying to level up another toon, at least give me +1 level on AR. That is a waste of a lot of food and 2* toons. You can try to level a 5* AR while it is still in tier 1 and spend less food. But when I am trying to level a tier 4 level 80 toon with 2* toons, it takes me 7 1/2 hours to train 30 2* toons and 185,000 food per 10 2*, and 555,000 per 30 toons. I remember it only being a 33% chance for +1 level to AR with 10 2* toons, but its always a bummer trying 3 times in a row and wasting 30 2* toons and 555,000 food. At least make sure that +1 level to AR is guaranteed.


+20% food generation territory


Making gold radios open a gear map like the others. Make it harder to obtain but something we can use while waiting for regular gear maps. Maybe have them be milestones from events, maybe attainable from scavenger missions ect. There are so many little things that can be done to improve the game and make a huge difference.


I would like to see a region named after me. I created the best faction in the game and took total control of my region, even forcing old players to quit. I should be saluted for that and to have new players know my name.

Vampire, Compton, Transylvania, Billuminati would all be acceptable and appropriate.




The 4* limited Edition could turn in the 5* version… I mean, I have The Negan 4* Limited Edition. Would be cool turn him in the 5* one.

We have Jesus BLUE, Dwight Yellow, Negan Green, Ezekiel Yellow.

They could event put The Rick 4* Limited Edition and Ezekiel 4* Limited Edition to become The Kirkman version.


Level up milestones way too high for the average player. I was the only one in my rank 9 faction to even hit 1 million. 1 million is more than enough for the top milestone. We need a way to exchange donate gear to low level players. The Lucille tokens are way too hard to get 100. It is way too hard to get the gear for tier 4 6*. After several gear events I don’t have enough to get even one 6* to tier 4. We should have a 6* gear road map once every couple of months. We should have a way to fight our own faction members just to test out teams not for any rewards. I never got anything free for playing for 2 years. Every 6 months of playing players should get some free item. We need a better chat with ability to send photos and files and private chats. It would be fun to have a customizable avatar for our profile. 5* trainers are getting hard to find anymore. Need to dial them up again.


How about a new event to win a non ascend-able 5* shield character or a new event to give a stun weapon.


There are a ton of things I could say but most to all of them have already been said by people who’ve played and posted far longer than myself, but if I could get to a big root problem, it would be simple out of game fixes.

Communication and simply acknowledging your player base.

  • Several forum regulars mention “negativity” all the time in these forums. First game I have played with such an an unhappy forum base, other games forums have guides, and useful info, not just angst. Kali’s even mentioned apprehension over bringing in more devs to this forum because it is “intimidating”.

The fix for this is better communication. Your player base feels ignored, unappreciated, unwanted.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, weekly gearmaps comes to mind. If you can’t, won’t, or change your mind, cool - but let your players know.

Making major design changes or reversing course on things? Let us know. Some simple company behavior changes would go a long way to restoring good will with your games community.

I’m not excusing any negative behavior. If posters are being threatening, making personal attacks, a warning then bans are in order. But “general negativity” is a result of your out of game and in game actions. This malaise will persist or get worse until you address some issues. I am not advocating giving everybody everything they want as a way to address issues, either.

You stated you won’t increase war can drop rates. Unhappy about never getting cans anymore, but I respect that you came out and gave an answer, even if it was one I do not want to hear (or agree with). Wish you could do that on other issues instead of making me feel ignored.

Wonder why everybody constantly asks for stuff? I’d highly recommend revisiting your design approach which feels like all stick, no carrot. Try making 2 absolute defense weapons if you’d like firsthand experience in frustration. Try working really hard to get shafted by rng time and time again. Put yourselves in our shoes. I worked really hard as a F2P player to earn Rosa, and she was underwhelming, and it feels like 4* weapons drop super rare. The few drops i do get unassemble and never get tape or paint that I need. When I do finally scrounge parts, and start a craft, after waiting 2 days with all bonuses, no crit, or not what I need. Do this for months on end, daily, to see firsthand why we are upset.

And I am not asking for handouts, I am willing to log in and output a lot of work for a worthwhile reward. But, I myself, find myself logging into other games more and more often, all stick no carrot no feeling of progression makes Jack an unentertained boy.

Make the game engaging and put up decent offers and the sales will come. Strangle players though, they will just leave for greener pastures. Final point - look at your competition. Summoners War comes to mind. F2P can work their asses off, it is not easy, but can compete. P2P can spend money and they regularly do, offers in all these mobile games are greedily overpriced imo, but their offers are tempting because at least they are good and desirable.

Way longer than I wanted sorry. Thanks for listening.

Communicate better
Consider your players views, F2P and P2P both.
Look at your competition
Ease up on the stick please


Also, Parting Shot could work like Second Wind in Borderlands. You get Killed and counter. If you kill The target, you get revived :D.


People do listen to me. I have a great realm of influence and if they dont then I put them in a trance because I’m a vampire.

Just curious, if the show is so “stupid” or “gay” as you say, why have you seen it?

Did you know it’s common for people to reject homosexuality in the form of bigotry to try to disguise their own internal desires for the same sex?

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the forum about being
“gay” today?


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I would like Scopley to give us the opportunity to upgrade more than one place in our town.


Great thread, these would improve gameplay and take the grind out of game

Personal Request (haven’t seen elsewhere)

  • Revenge raid list screen that shows who’s unshielded without having to click each one individually
  • SR Roster displays toon’s AR amounts similar to HP
  • Quit completing scavenger missions by simply scrolling between scavenger camps
  • Update game economy from initial game!!!:
    ** SD points have little value, basic/helper tokens fairly useless, aka mostly common loot
    ** Scavenger missions rewards need beefing [rare/elite gear]
    ** Territories: Stage holding reward (5tokens 4/hr, need to hold a Ground Zero site for over 100 days to get a new 5)

Common but important

  • Easy gear available on all map levels (while listed, they rarely drop above 7)
  • Hold click sell of multiple weapons (similar to disassemble)
  • Upgraded auto-play feature (Custom-AR instructions)
  • Reduce time in stage-competed screen where it shows survivor count (it adds up)
  • Wood! (too much, need a disposal/storage method that doesn’t require parts. I’ve run out)
  • Raid Search resets after each raid (the list of targets is very familiar from previous search a minute ago)