Post your harvest event collection toon, and explain why you chose that toon

This will help players decide which toons to go for.


Cause I wanna see him and konrad hold hands and frollick.


This is like the 8th thread about this rubbish.



1 more roadmap run and i will get bryan, i have long made up my mind to get him. I am getting him cause i need reds and with the right mods and splash damage on his gun he can put in a ton of damage, i am in need of range toons. Also he will be great behind kenny for towers and for farming and for sr, he can take out huge groups of enemies. All in all, bryan is what i need and what i am going for and i have a build for him and where he will fit in/on my teams

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No its not. I just made this

I want to get 2 characters from it.

I picked Rose.
Needed a red with her active skill and her leadership skills nice and will be used often when farming.
There’s more to this game than raids and wars afterall.

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I deadass just gave up. I can’t be bothered anymore,probably will just take rose because she’s hot

What’s a deadass?

Bryan cuz he’s Asian. They’re good at everything right?

Rose because I don’t care.

With Naya out for grabs, I’ll switch to getting Princess. Going to try and make a tank bleed/burn team.

Nice replies folks

Go to the museum in new season store

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Bryan for me as I had princess already. Also liked his collateral and high attack for a red. Could be interesting alongside blue alpha on the right team

Tomorrow I get bryan cuz I manage more distance team

Went for bryan, gonna put splash damage on weapon and see how it goes.

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Interesting thought, no idea how splash interacts with collateral damage

princess because i got carl and yvette team with her needed

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