Post your green token pulls!

Really wanted Wayland but I’ll definitely take Rick.

I would but they sucked :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

Got this guy from my first 10 of the 100. Then I got 7 other normal 5 stars including rocket Abe.

These were my two ascendables. Got a few normal 5*, but they were dupes. But for 5 bucks, not bad at all

Nothing good yet that’s 400 pulls above

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2nd negan and 5 5*s for lvl up fodder. Definitly worth $5. Would of really nice if lilith was in that wheel. Even getting top5 in all tournys with lilith reward and I still need another 30 or so

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and 6 dupe 5*

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id like to post my pulls but scopely still didnt give me tokens after i paid em T-T

2x Blue Negan
A couple of 5*

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Negan, Andrea, Yvette ascendable
Abra red 5

Happened to me too, paid and nothing. Sent in receipt and support actually came through for me, i woke up to the tokens.

Only got this and a whole lot of trainers. I’m not complaining though, it’s a lot of trainers for level up for only $5 :grin::slight_smile:


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I didn’t bother screenshotting… I got all trainers plus an ascendable Clem. I got mostly Brady and Basil, which was nice.

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I’ll one up everyone. Got all trainers and three 5 stars. I was really looking forward to spending 5 dollars for nothing


im happy with Hershel and red Abe seems ok new in my collection

Wanted an ascendable Negan, finally got one.

+Alert Cain

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