Post your fails don't be shy

I know there are some players that have recorded their “big pulls” probably even some consecutively. Post your fail vids here prior or after the 1 epic every 40 pulls debacle.


Wish I had videos, all I know is that up until the 1-in-40 change I had a “bad luck” streak of 750 pulls.


Sorry, not ________ _________ to pull for pixels.

I don’t have videos. Possibly a few loose SS.

I could recall my most notable pulls, in more or less chronological order (to the best of my recollection). Feel free to point and laugh at my lack of sense, or offer chronological corrections:

4 10 pulls for yellow Ty, got 1

1 40 pull for 4 star kickline jesus, got 2, no 5s

1 40 pull for green camo Michonne, got 3

1 10 pull for 4 star Sheriff Rick, got him

1 40 pull for Lee, got Lily

1 40 pull for OG Shiva when she first came out, got her and Ellen

5 40 pulls for Commander Jesus, got Red Clem, Yellow Josh, and Commander Jesus. First 3 had no 5s at all.

1 40 for revive Hershel, got him

1 10 pull for a shield sale, got Garrett

1 10 pull for Samurai Jesus, got him

3 singles for shield Michonne, got nothing

1 40 pull for armored Shiva when she first came out, got dropper Shane

1 40 pull for Priya, got nothing

1 40 pull for 2x armored Shiva, got nothing

1 40 pull for Madison with saved TapJoy coins when she first came out, got the guaranteed 5, but it was worthless.

Best I can recall: 633 pulls, 15 5 stars, 3 premiere 4 stars

2.37% chance of a 5 star (thanks for the original math correction, Tyr!)


Saved coins from offers and videos and a monthly pass or two so I’d have enough for 2 big pulls. Took several months. Was hoping for Carl.

Tried for Rosita instead. 81 pulls. 4 5*. 3 Dupes. None ascendable.

I don’t know why, I really don’t, but Scopely hates me. I haven’t pulled anything useful from premiers in more than a year. I’m P12 and everything I use in raids is free stuff everyone uses.

Except Carl. Never getting him, apparently.

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My bad streak is i still did pulled a 6* yet … #accountisblacklisted

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Update, 100 pulls, no ascendables, no 6s, and of course, no premiere

I’m pretty sure I’m cursed… Like, I can’t explain how my luck could possibly be that bad

It’s been more than a year since I last pulled a premiere toon. Granted, I haven’t pulled much, but you’d think 100 would be enough to get something useful. ANYTHING useful.

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Once I made around 6 big pulls for Green Glenn (Revive) and got no 5’s other than Green Siddiq

sigh :slight_smile:

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