Post your 5* pull results!

So last night i pulled a 5* thinking i was going to get another duplicate toon, but no! I got this dudeScreenshot_20180522-221117has anyone else made a good pull lately its hard now a days to get even a decent toon when there are Earl suttons to go around…


Douglas was the first toon I pulled after the update. Man, I was happy that day. Pretty solid toon for SR and the likes. :smiley:

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Mere 300k.=-(

I’ll post the disappointment when this event is over, congrats op

Here we go,

Yay, useless, second one in three days I think

Two more from the wheel of nothing, can’t pull a useful toon from that wheel to save my life, dupe city


I pulled shiva last week from 5* tokens after nearly 2yrs of evading me, and the constant dupes each week :slight_smile:

Blue Jesus 4* from depot is a pretty decent alternative

Best I can say is at least decent enough for use is alert Joshua, David, I guess Rocky, and Tutor Maggie. Worst I got Alicia and a third Ben when I got two from ascendance. See the pattern here?

All dupes lately, although my last pull was Duane, not the ascendable one :slightly_frowning_face:

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Dupes as well. Tough Kenny, Cain, Bruce…

Geez, and I thought the rewarding system was redone. It’s been quite some time since I got actually useful characters. At least I’ll be keeping Keeny for when he becomes ascendable.

Updated ,to share the misery

Got 5-star ascendable Ty today from an elite token. Take that 1% odds.


I went six months without getting any ascendables at all, then back to back I pulled Shiva and a 2nd Ty. The Shiva is one of the best pulls I’ve had in the game ever.

Damn. I honestly wish I had gotten him instead of Shiva. She’s highly praised but that decap would have been something else. Plus something for that annoying Alert/Tough Abe SR stage.

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@Donald_Sharp was that a single pull or ?

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I just did 8 pulls and got.

Of the 8, 4 were dupes. Michonne, victor, kenny, zeke.

Speaking of SR I also find his line attack invaluable on the later walker levels. He can take 3 or 4 out real nice. Having two of him will be even better.

You have me tighter than a well-clenched sphincter. How later are we talking?

Well I can auto my way through gold except for the lame ass reflect stages. I can auto most of elite but starting there is where I find Ty to be invaluable. On legendary they love to swarm and being able to take 3 or 4 down with Ty’s ar really helps keep them off.

Right now I run Dwight, Ty, Zeke, Mira, and Rosita when there are no restrictions and it’s very easy. I am also using 30+ attack weapons and not crit weapons since the crit nerfs made them pretty much useless. I started working on my second Ty so I will swap Mira out for him this SR and see if that makes it even easier. The good thing about Rosita is she can cure stun and impair on her rush as well as heal. Before her, I was using Tripp as my healer and de-buffer. Lilly is also one hell of a great toon as she gives 65% att and 35% crit to all at 45ap. Well worth ascending some 4 star blues if you don’t have her. Bonus is you might also pull Siddiq when going for Lilly. Good luck.

Jeez. It sucks terribly that I was absent during these events. So much good stuff I have no chance of ever getting again in quite possibly, a looong ass time.

Single, yes