Post War of Champions Region Transfers

Hello Survivors,

We’re excited to share our plans for the upcoming region transfer window with you! Transfers will begin on 2/10/20, after War of Champions has concluded. Please check out the full details below:

Wave Breakdown

Wave 1

[UPDATED 2/5/20 4:28PM PST]

Region Wave
Autauga (EN) 1A
Bell (JA) 1A
Blount (EN) 1A
Carroll (EN) 1A
Catoosa (FR) 1A
Charlton (DE) 1A
Cherokee (DE) 1A
Choctaw (EN) 1A
Clarke (DE) 1A
Clayton (IT) 1A
Columbia (JA) 1A
Cook (EN) 1A
DeKalb (EN) 1A
Dooly (RU) 1A
Elmore (EN) 1A
Forsyth (EN) 1A
Habersham (EN) 1A
Heard (EN) 1A
Jenkins (EN) 1A
Laurens (ES) 1A
Long (EN) 1A
Madison (EN) 1A
Pike (EN) 1A
Polk (RU) 1A
Rockdale (EN) 1A
Schley (EN) 1A
Screven (EN) 1A
Spalding (EN) 1A
Stephens (EN) 1A
Whitfield (EN) 1A
Wilcox (EN) 1A
Wilkinson (EN) 1A
Banks (EN) 1B
Barrow (EN) 1B
Boone () 1B
Chambers (EN) 1B
Chatham (DE) 1B
Chattahoochee (EN) 1B
Coweta (EN) 1B
Dallas (EN) 1B
Darlington (EN) 1B
Decatur (EN) 1B
Edgefield (EN) 1B
Etowah (EN) 1B
Gilmer (EN) 1B
Hall (EN) 1B
Harris (EN) 1B
Hart (EN) 1B
Jasper (EN) 1B
Jeff Davis (EN) 1B
Johnson (FR) 1B
Jones (RU) 1B
Lee (DE) 1B
McIntosh (EN) 1B
Miller (EN) 1B
Mitchell (EN) 1B
Pickens (EN) 1B
Pooler (ES) 1B
Terrell (EN) 1B
Tift (ES) 1B
Troup (EN) 1B
Union (FR) 1B
Walker (EN) 1B
Winston (DE) 1B

Note: Boone, Dallas and Dooly regions are currently at capacity. They may become available for inbound transfers again if some players transfer out of the region.

Wave 2

Adair (TR)
Bacon (EN)
Bartow (EN)
Bath (IT)
Ben Hill (EN)
Berrien (EN)
Bibb (EN)
Brooks (EN)
Burke (EN)
Butler (EN)
Camden (FR)
Candler (EN)
Chattooga (EN)
Clay (FR)
Cleburne (EN)
Clinch (FR)
Cobb (EN)
Coffee (IT)
Colbert (EN)
Conecuh (EN)
Coosa (EN)
Dade (EN)
Dodge (KO)
Escambia (EN)
Evans (PT)
Fayette (RU)
Grady (ES)
Gwinnett (ES)
Houston (EN)
Irwin (EN)
Lamar (EN)
Lanier (EN)
Liberty (EN)
Limestone (PT)
Lincoln (EN)
Lithonia (RU)
Macon (EN)
Marion (EN)
Marshall (PT)
Newton (RU)
Oglethorpe (RU)
Paulding (EN)
Pierce (EN)
Putnam (EN)
Rabun (EN)
Randolph (EN)
Stewart (ES)
Talbot (EN)
Tallapoosa (FR)
Taylor (EN)
Telfair (FR)
Thomas (ES)
Treutlen (KO)
Turner (ES)
Upson (EN)
Ware (EN)
Warren (EN)
Washington (EN)
Wayne (PT)
Webster (EN)
Wheeler (EN)
Wilkes (EN)
Worth (EN)

Wave 3

Abbeville (EN)
Aiken (RU)
Albert (EN)
Allen (TR)
Anderson (JA)
Anderson (KO)
Augusta (ES)
Ballard (PT)
Bamberg (FR)
Barbour (EN)
Beaufort (IT)
Bedford ()
Berkeley (EN)
Bleckley (EN)
Brantley (EN)
Bryan (EN)
Bulloch (EN)
Bullock (EN)
Butts (EN)
Calhoun (EN)
Chester (EN)
Chilton (EN)
Clarendon (PT)
Colleton (DE)
Colquitt (TR)
Covington (EN)
Crenshaw (EN)
Crisp (KO)
Cullman (EN)
Dale (EN)
Dillon (EN)
Dougherty (EN)
Douglas (KO)
Early (PT)
Echols (EN)
Effingham (EN)
Emanuel (PT)
Fairfield (EN)
Fannin (PT)
Florence (PT)
Franklin (EN)
Geneva (ES)
Glascock (ES)
Glynn (ES)
Gordon (ES)
Greenville (EN)
Greenwood (EN)
Hale (ES)
Hamblen (ES)
Hancock (TR)
Henry (EN)
Horry (RU)
Humphreys (FR)
Jackson (ES)
Jefferson (EN)
Kershaw (EN)
Lancaster (EN)
Lauderdale (ES)
Lawrence (ES)
Lewis (EN)
Lexington (ES)
Lowndes (EN)
Lumpkin (PT)
Marengo (PT)
Marlboro (EN)
McCormick (EN)
McDuffie (EN)
Meriwether (RU)
Mobile (PT)
Monroe (FR)
Montgomery (EN)
Morgan (EN)
Murray (ES)
Muscogee (ES)
Newberry (EN)
Oconee (PT)
Orangeburg (ES)
Peach (FR)
Perry (RU)
Pulaski (EN)
Quitman (EN)
Richmond (EN)
Robertson (EN)
Roswell (PT)
Russell (RU)
Seminole (EN)
Shelby (RU)
Spartanburg (EN)
Taliaferro (RU)
Talladega (FR)
Tattnall (EN)
Toombs (PT)
Towns (TR)
Tuscaloosa (DE)
Twiggs (PT)
Walton (EN)
White (EN)
Williamsburg (RU)
Williamson (EN)
York (EN)

Wave 1 Transfer Window (All Wave 1 Regions)

All Wave 1 regions may transfer to any other Wave 1 region
Begin: Monday 2/10 at 12PM PT
End: Friday 2/28 at 12PM PT

Wave 2 Transfer Window (All Wave 2 Regions)

All Wave 2 regions may transfer to any other Wave 2 or Wave 1 region
Begin: Monday 3/2 at 12PM PT
End: Thurs 3/5 at 12PM PT

Wave 3 Transfer Window (Wave 3 Regions without Excluded Regions)

All eligible Wave 3 regions may transfer to any other Wave 3, Wave 2, or Wave 1 Region
Begin: Mon 3/9 at 12PM PT
End: Thurs 3/12 at 12PM PT

Wave 3 Excluded Regions (these regions will not have inbound or outbound transfer enabled)

Barnwell (EN)
Richland (PT)
Saluda (ES)
Cannon (EN)
Dyer (EN)
Hamilton (TR)
Bledsoe (EN)
Echols (EN)
Calhoun (EN)

Outbound Only


Note: Wave 3 Outbound Only regions will remain permanently Outbound Only and will never be opened to inbound transfers again.

War Scheduling

In addition to the transfer wave scheduling, we also wanted to share the future of war scheduling on each wave of regions. Each wave will have a primary war event type that will be the most recurring war event type on their respective waves. Our goal with these changes is to allow players to be able to select which war type they would prefer to engage in! Please check out the details below:

  • 1A regions will continue to receive 8 region, 8v8 Cross Region Wars as their primary war event
  • 1B regions will receive 8 region, 6v6 Cross Region Wars as their primary war event
  • Wave 2 and 3 regions will receive 16 region, 6v6 Cross Region Wars as their primary war event

“February Unleashed!” Progress

Due to a technical restriction with the region transfers, War of Champions participants will lose progress in the “February Unleashed!” event mission when transferring out of the War of Champions region. While this functionality is intended for normal region transfers, we do not want to negatively impact War of Champions participants experience with this event. As a result, we will be crediting 20,000 Dog Paw Pins directly to all War of Champions participants by end of day 2/18. War of Champions Participants should ensure that they remain on the region they wish to obtain the Dog Paw Pins from 2/17 to 2/18 to ensure these pins are delivered to the appropriate region. All other players should expect that their event mission progress to reset normally when transferring between regions.

“Davie’s Love Missions” Progress

Similarly, the “Davie’s Love Missions” event mission progress will also reset when War of Champions participants transfer out of the War of Champions region. Due to this, we will be crediting War of Champions participants their previously earned balances of “Heart Balloons” by end of day 2/18. War of Champions participants should ensure that they remain on the region they wish to obtain the “Heart Balloons” from 2/17 to 2/18 to ensure they are delivered to the appropriate region. All other players should expect that their event mission progress to reset normally when transferring between regions.


Why though? Most of these regions outperform other wave 3 regions… :neutral_face:

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So still 1a and 1b but different styles of wars
But new regions become 1a or 1b, grooovy
Where can WOC move?

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So now my region is in 1A? Why?
Why we have to fight in stupid 8/8 crw now


Pay 10k coins to move out, thats why

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So you are still trapping poor f2p factions who just happened to get stuck in wave 1? Awesome. All you are doing is slowly killing off wave 1 since nobody from wave 2 will move up.


They could still yet open wave 1 and 2 once 3 has shrunk down enough. Perhaps criticising this a little early

I hope we aren’t getting another 3 months of AoW if you are gonna trap us here. Gonna kill a lot of people’s interest in playing. We are thoroughly sick of AoW.


Another month to wait for wave 2 and 3? Argh


Echols and Calhoun can keep their aow, they are regions where cheaters were sent too


I am happy about this. Having 16 regions to war against was a bad idea. 6v6 is what majority of the factions need and want.


Why switch 1b regions to 1a and vice versa?

Like Troup for example! A 1b region for a reason! Barely anybody in our region can fill 8vs8 and no they dont have 10k coins to move…

Why are big 1a regions now 1b? I dont get this thought process at all!

And if you say cause people will buy keys and they can make money… think again they wont it will only add to killing of regions more…

Mind blowing once again… smfh



Don’t get wrong - being in 1b I am extremely happy that we don’t get stuck in a big pile with 1a doing 8v8 as the last war was so demoralizing.

But if it’s 2 different segments why all called W1? It confusing.

Can you clarify please

So 1b is upset that factions who have been in 1a can now transfer into a 1b? is that what im seeing

Ok disregard that - I see that we are suddenly 1a now. This is devastating :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

We chose to stay in 1b for a reason and now you have decided we are 1a. Now we have to move I guess. More money for you


Why are you giving Wave 1 18 days to transfer resulting in delaying Wave 2/3 until March?

So we cant have faction events for 3 weeks

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Wish Davidson would open.

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Im upset im in a 1b region and just got upgraded to 1a and cant do shit about it…