POST WAR Draft Report

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Bill here from Strictly Business in Chilton again. As some of you are aware from here and on Line we had a player event in Chilton this past weekend. We took anyone who wanted to participate and put them in a pool of players and selected captains to ‘draft’ them one at a time. The leaders of the region together decided on who would be captains. We chose 1 each from several factions and tried to avoid having the best players but keep them of similar play level. We had just under 120 people sign up so had 4 captains.

The draft order was randomly decided by someone with a randomizer app and we were good to go. The teams were drafted on Thursday night. One of the SB members live streamed it on Youtube and despite the bad timing for the rest of the world other than North America (we did it at 9pm EST) we still had over 150 people watching it.

I’m proud to say it went amazingly well. Nearly every single person has had rave reviews. Despite the fact that the #2 and #3 factions in our region did not participate the 4 Draft factions finished in 1st - 4th place.

I firmly believe that when we do it again…and based on what everyone is saying we are definitely doing it again we probably will have twice as many participants. The activity level was a LOT higher than normal. People got to play with people they normally did not. It also let many people fight for 1st place that normally do not get to do so. Most importantly people seemed to have FUN. Everyone was excited for the Draft talking about who might selected when and what team they might be on. People were chatting in global chat and in faction chat. A lot of people made a lot of new friends they normally never would have. Some people even realized that the person they had been hating the past several months maybe wasn’t such an asshat as they thought. Or maybe more so lol.

Our faction has won every single faction event for the past 7 months. We typically go undefeated or maybe lose 1 match if we have a weaker lineup in. If we can do this and give up guaranteed first place prizes then so can you. I know several leaders of top factions have talked to me on Line to ask questions and maybe try this in their own regions. There’s no reason why we can’t do this and other things like it to help support the game we all spend so much time playing. It’s not just up to Scopely but it’s up the players as well to help the game flourish.

Any questions please feel free to respond here, PM me, or feel free to add me on Line (my line id is 041210161017)

P.S. Special thanks to my Lovely co lead Lulu again for wanting to push this through. Without her this would never have happend. :kissing_heart:


Sounds awesome. I’m starting to ask questions about doing the same.

I’d be too scared to Get drafted to the 08 lions, they lost every single game they played that year, the perfect season! Glad it worked out for you guys and gals


Congrats glad it worked out.

So each captain gets to pick a player to be in their faction?

We have a line chat with leaders and co leads of Chilton in it. We picked 4 captains one each from 4 different factions each of similar team strength/activity. I wanted to avoid having just the best players do it as those would be probably all SB players and it was supposed to be a Region event not a faction event. Also many in the region don’t trust our faction as when you have one faction be dominant for so long it builds some animosity toward them.

We’ve done this in Warren with the 3 family factions we operate in the past and yes it’s fun. Ran it in Line and ppl needed to cross off as it went along, like a fantasy draft. It’d be nice if the top faction and their sister faction was interested. Only problem is they prefer to make the banner instead. Definitely a positive experience for everyone. We took volunteers for each captain and the late scratch fill in guy got first. Key is night shift :joy:

We all have our own opinions. The players are the ones that make the community not the game. You want a toxic game full of jerks it’s not the game that makes that it’s us. The players. Look at league of legends. The most popular PC game in the world. And you basically can’t even play that game without either muting everyone or playing with people you know because it is filled with the biggest asshats in gaming.

Take some responsibility and do something about it. You want the devs to make the game and play it for you too? Or you can sit here and flame each other on the forums all day long. Whatever floats your boat. If a lot of the people on these forums spent half the time playing the game or doing something productive with their communities you wouldn’t have as many people quitting. The #1 reason people quit isn’t the game. It’s the community.

Cool idea that’s been floated around our region but honestly seems like a lot of work the scopely should be doing. Not so hard to create a new region where players/factions can jump into this region. They need to address this issue of dying regions if they really want to longevity of this game to continue.

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Every online multiplayer game since back in the days of Everquest had PLAYER created content and events. LOL I’ve organized arena style events, easter egg type hunts, you name it. Why on earth can’t the players have some fun in coming up with things. I mean it’s our community lol

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You take this game way too serious. Lol


Not everyone doesn’t trust sb bud, I run k4t and we get along just fine with everyone on your side. We just chose to still fight as a team, cause we’ve grown together and like fighting together too much to want to do the draft.

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Pretty great idea. Sounds like it helped un-stale war

Thanks for sharing the results of the Draft War!

Awesome to hear!

Do you happen to have a link to the stream?

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This seems like a pretty cool idea, glad it worked out

The quality is not that great. It was his first time live streaming lol. Our next one will be much better. We learned a lot from doing this one. But if you want to check it out here is the link. You can only here one of the captains who was streaming this and not the other captains or myself who were in the voice chat.

So wrong. That’s definitely the other way around

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It’s all good man. Nothing but respect for you guys. Don’t think any less of anyone who doesn’t want to participate. You guys have been really good region mates the whole time :slight_smile:

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This sounds like an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing. doubt I can get it off the ground in either of my regions but it was definitely interesting.

Maybe scopely can do this on each server sometimes. Just automatically, people sign up, and scopely has a random system to put everyone in a secondary faction (you stay in ur own, but there’s a seperate event faction). Only those who sign up will be participating in the war. This means only active players will sign up, and people that already quit, will not be in the pool.