Post Results for Surprise Box with “?” Chances of Erika, etc

Feel free to post your result pulls.


^ Last time Scopely had an Erika promo, no one was able to pull for her!

Interesting how they can’t post odds of these boxes.

Looks like someone did. Congrats.

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Managed to pull her on my 8th surprise Box after a faction mate messaged about getting her beforehand. Finally some luck again with pulling lmao.

Qslim and none

24 pulls and got only 5* tokens and useless 4*. How scopely think i will react to the next box surprise?

Lesson learned, i m really pissed !

Did 6 pulls and got Eugene pretty happy since I don’t have many 6 stars and I am running a ranged team.

pulled 25 when they had carl and shiva surprise box and got couple tokens and 4* for a hundred bucks. learned my lesson and will never do it again…

Heard about that from faction mates and decided not to pull

I got jesus or glen every time 10 pulls

All stupid 4 stars

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Welp 5 more pulls and same out come. Never ever again doing surprise box. On any surprise box. I think scopley hates me bc every pull everywhere has sucked lol. Bah ram you scopley bah ram you

I opened all 25 boxes. Didn’t get a 5* not even eugene. Back to not spending at all. Congrats scopely you got me

My try at it.

1 attempt… Tokens and a PK

ive been playing the game for roughly 5 months and my pulls suck! but last night after a few whiskeys (half a bottle) i spent 325 coins on this surprise box

finally paid off

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Learned the lesson after trying for shiva on st patrick’s day 6 pulls and spent all the free earned coins… neva again lol