Post Quitting farewells here

I’m imagining a lot of people quitting after war so I made this post

Which be taken down by Scopely as it is not allowed in forums.


Anything off topic is allowed

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Not only is Off Topic, but also, there’s nothing in the Forum Rules & Guidelines about this.
This is a topic to say farewell, nothing else.

I’ll say mine January 2nd :slight_smile:

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POS update pending…4…3…2…

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Well yeah… That surely will happen, knowing Scopes…

Who gives a shit? Boo hoo

Game Dev

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Yes there is? Why you talking about something you don’t know…

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Off-topic or not, doesn’t belong here.

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Unconstructive posts? You better start closing scopleys own threads as half their information is misleading, wrong or lies and can be considered unconstructive in my cases.


Nope. But I can see someone posting a goodbye. Its hard to see ppl go. I hate that so many are leaving.

If I were a business person I would consider - ‘You are losing customers and therefore revenue because of recent introductions’ to be pretty good constructive feedback.


This is the north korean version of the internet. welcome.

They treat their player base like sht anyway,
They don’t care if someone has fond memories and made good friends along their RTS journey and they want to say goodbye to a much loved chapter in their life .
With scopely it’s you spent your money now gtfo we don’t care


To all those fed up, retiring or on the brink of retirement IMG_2375 image IMG_2378


I would imagine off hand topics don’t provide anything either :wink:

In before deletion