Post Premiere Pull Results!


I think it would be a great service to all players, new and old, if pull expectations were more clearly set before deciding to drop 100 bucks or more on premiere pulls.

For newer players, they can see what spending their hard earned cash will net them. For older players, it will keep us grounded when making a huge financial decision. Because let’s face it, there are people with problems that play this game, and being reminded how much it usually costs to pull a premiere recruit may help us make INFORMED financial decisions.

Let’s not get all embarrassed about possibly questionable financial decisions of our pasts. In fact I’ll start it off!

I once spend $700 in pulls trying for the first release of samurai Jesus. And I didn’t get him. WTF was I thinking?

For those that have actually bought coins to pull you can also participate in this poll. What’s the most you have ever spent on ONE toon?

  • Less than $100
  • $100
  • $100 - $200
  • $200 - $300
  • $400 - $500
  • $500 or more

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Damn dk chonne. Each promo I was like this time! I did get her… eventually.


Loved how I spent 300 for pyria just to have her useless.


You know, that stun gun is now worth more than all the 5* toons I spent on to pull.


200 two separate times for priya. Still feel violated. I still don’t have her.


Then supply depot it lol


Buying pixels isn’t?



I’d like to see the flip of this poll: how much did you spend and still NOT get the toon you were pulling for?


97% of the time, I didn’t get the toon I wanted 100% of the time.


I was thinking of that but I want to remain positive. Like, yay, I spent 600 bucks on one character in a mobile game, despite objectively realizing that is ridiculous. Yay!


A year ago I did a 40 pull for $140 CAD and got all three and four stars. I have not spent more than the monthly pass since.


I spent $300 on the last telltale event for the Lee/Michonne shield promo, didn’t get any of them. Then at least $200 worth on other shields promos (Blue Garrett, Konrad, Shield Jesus) and still never got any shields. Eventually I got both Michonne and Lee shields from the 5* tokens later when they were added. Needless to say, I’ll never spend on premier pulls again.


Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I think many of us here did as well…I know I spent way more than I should have. :frowning:


Once spent $100 trying to pull for Rocket Launcher Abe when he was first released, instead ended up with well…Donnie. Figured to try another $100 when LE Negan/Barker/Stevens were all 3x chances, got nothing but 3*'s that time. Also paid for one of the guaranteed epic crates for another $100 at some point, ended up with shield Garrett (Still pretty handy these days with a stungun), so I can’t complain about that one. Otherwise, haven’t spent on much else.


After a little over a year of failed pulls ive stoped. I was getting monthly pass but ive also stopped that…


I’ve never actually spent money specifically for a certain toon, but I bought the monthly pass and coins here and there. Not again Satan…not again.


I spent $100 on 2 separate occasions trying to get Konrad, and $100 trying to get decapitate Sandy - no luck, didn’t even get a 5-star. I decided one more $100 spend trying to get Priya and to be honest, I was considering refunding if I didn’t get a 5-star but I got Priya and still decided that would still be my last big spend. If ever an opportunity comes along that guarantees an ascendable 5-star, I would consider a big spend again.


Same. Never again…


Yep, $300 trying for Shield Michonne… Nothing but 3* and 4 4*… So, 116 3* and 4 4*. Totally felt like I got violated with a chainsaw. I have not spent on a pull since, and never will again. someone gave me a $20 Google gift card, and the Google rewards for surveys are the only reason I still have the monthly disappointment crate. Other than that, I haven’t spent since the 6* were introduced.


$300, a couple of separate times. Remember getting no 5s at all from those pulls. I haven’t pulled in over 6 months and never will again.