Possibly making a faction

Now that transfers are gonna open soon I am thinking about starting a new faction nothing super competitive but need people who try to improve themselves and actually wanna play even when losing

What I’m looking for:
team grade of atleast s8+
Desire to do well
Fun chats
No drama

Faction info:
Build up for atleast 1 season in a slower region
Grow together to maximize teams
Strive for top 3 in all faction events other than war
Encourage solo events
War is top 50 must wanna war
War strat- ghost towers(first 3 call out which one rest hit whichever)
Hit whoever you think u can beat 1st then try harder setups after
Retreat as soon as it’s a option to maximize point per minute ratio and keep wars under 20 minutes max unless you are 100% it’ll finish before
I know this may not sound wise but in the end only points matter not wins

Just wanna have fun with cool people is what it’s about

It will be actually hard find ppl who want play lol

Why I’m on the forum lol worth a shot I figured

Winky face emoji

Look for me in Colbert… Widowmaker of P&P , message me there. We will talk… Looking to get to a new one also…cheers

Team grade S8+?

Damm, I’m S8.

To be honest it’s more about wanting to play just didn’t wanna go to low I just threw s8+ out there

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