Possibly Lost Database.... ☹️


I know Tiva was getting alittle fed up with game…
And he wasn’t getting much in ways of support from Scopley.

Lost a few key members in the community recently and Scopley have gone quiet again.
Hope they can bounce back and get members of the community like Tiva back and giving them more support like sticky thread for advertising and support the website.
Getting the community on side again.

Just leaving the forums voiceless only hurts the game and forums more.
Even if the people don’t get the answer they want atleast there is a answer.

Leagues imo is such a great induction…
Needs a little tweaking but I think it’s good.

So why throw it out there and then just disappear…
Due to dodgy offers and not been prepared to compensate…
Own up to it and still put a voice out there for other concerns…

Think people just want to see Scopley give a shit…even if it is a illusion.

Think the lack of legacy ascendable’s and them been alittle half arsed doesn’t help.
We should be looking forward to these.
They should be offering us something different in terms of ar and skills.
Surely you can find a way to keep people pulling while giving 100% of members hope to ascend there 5*s…
Even if they just look cool and have a singler purpose…
Atleast we have something to try out and experiment with…

Come on Scopley…


you know if a mod gets on they are going to nuke this anyway.


Advertising on here is a bad idea and most company’s won’t direct their customer base somewhere else if it doesn’t help them out



Heard there isn’t many mods recently.


I mean showing a little support.

The database is a benefit for the game and community.
Scopley only gain from having something like this.

They should be giving it the stamp of approval and doing what they can to keep community members who add so much.


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