Possible trading


Have you guys ever thought about doing a trading post or even just trading within factions? i have some many 6 star dupes idk what to do with them. dont really want to sell them obviously but if i could trade them for another toon that would be awesome.


It’s been brought up many times before and why they can’t.


I’d love it to be a thing as I have so many toons that are fairly decent and people in my faction are in a position that they struggle I’d happily give my long time members toons, the only issue I think Scopely would object to it is the vk cunts would hand cheated toons around


Not only that. Apparently it’s against Apple’s policy


There’s probably a way around it if they wanted to do it


Sure, trade a few grenades for a medkit. No thanks.


their are ways around everything. faction to faction i would be fine with or even having a thing you can trade a toon in for a diff one of “same value”


I’d trade the thing is tho I have friends who no joke have like 4 erikas and they would trade with me in a heart beat, all your gona end up seeing is very op toons if trading comes


I think the only way this could work is it being an auction style.

Eg. Sell 6s to region. Scopely gives you an X amount of coins depending on the toon (from 500 for f2p to 2200 for premier ones). Toon is then put on auction for 3days within region. Who offers most coins gets the toon.


Not a bad idea.


thats why it will never be implemented.



Here’s my suggestion about trading with in factions amongst faction mates if scopely did this they could actually charge 700 coins from both parties so 1400 coins total plus that also.means 20 us dollars total and everyone would do this u get 1 trade per 2 days so I think it would be a fantastic idea but they won’t ever go with that


So then I could buy the newest op toons, weaps & perfect mods from vk and sell them to factionmates legitimately for 700 coins? That’s just one reason why trading will never be a thing. Trading of any kind is a terrible idea with too many possible exploits.


get rid of VK and maybe it could be possible…

my guess is probably never going to happen.


Thats why I suggested auction to the whole region not faction. How many coins would someone be willing to spend for a guaranteed toon?


Yep, no exploits possible there. I’m sure CRW would not see any impact at all. :roll_eyes:


I would love to trade in some of my dupe ascendables for something of similar value in a museum or something. There could be tiers (bad tiers- barker, shane, yellow negan moving up to yumiko, sandy, rosita, etc, 5*s, idc). Would slow down some of the complaining about dupes imo


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