Possible to recover a nuked roster?


So a couple of months ago I nuked my roster and decided to leave the game permanently. Obviously I am responsible for the consequences of my actions, and I completely accept that. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit regretful right now given the current state of the game with region transfers being live. I spoke to in game support and emailed scopely support and they both gave me the same answer: it’s impossible. However playing this game I’ve learned to take what scopely support says with a grain of salt.

So the forum is my last resort. My account is almost prestige 13 so I’ve put a lot of money into this game. Can someone from scopely give me the final answer if it is at all possible to restore my roster? If the answer is no then its likely for the better since anybody who spends $20,000 on a mobile game should probably re-evaluate their life choices (which is what lead to the nuke to begin with) but at the same time, anybody who spent $20,000 on a mobile game should get a better resonse from the developer then getting brushed off by the poorly trained support staff. Thats not really intended as a jab at the support staff but… any of us who have dealt with front line support just know they don’t have all the answers or solutions and they rarely take an issue further than what they are trained to do.

Anybody who has experience with a situation like this please weigh in, or someone from scopely with decision making power please contact me. If they tell me its impossible for the third time then at least its a further degree of closure.


I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t think there is a way to recover your roster. Once it’s gone, it’ll never come back.


Yeah, sorry to say, it’s a no no.


Sorry for your loss, but I will echo what others will probably say.

Once you nuke, it’s done. Forever.


Well, thanks guys. You are very likely correct. It is what it is


You can recover a self-nuked game bc I’ve seen it happen twice in 3 years. The problem is you were honest about doing it yourself. If you had lied and said “Someone hacked my account. I dont know what happened.” you could have it restored within a week.

Edit: Scopely can recover it*


To people who wanna quit. Don’t nuke your roster just uninstall the game.


Good to know. So its possible, but they are choosing not to do it. That means they are fully capable but choose not to. Can’t say I’m too surprised.


You can blame scoeply for not giving it back, but you can’t blame them for it happening in the first place


I agree, this is by far the more logical approach to leaving the game. But I was going through some stuff personally and felt like the game was an addiction. Thats what lead to such drastic action. Probably still is, hence my desire to come back.

In reality its probably for the best


You’re right about this. I’ll not turn this into a whine fest about scopely. My actions, my consequences. But I’m still a bit salty.


That’s understandable


If you lose your toons for some bug it’s scopely fault but if you lose them cuz you nuke them it’s your fault even if you put that amount of cash…it’s a shame but was your decision


One more question for you… do you know if your friends who got their accounts restored did it through in game support, or did they go through the email support system on the scopely website?


Through in game support. Took a week in one case and several weeks in another case. Good luck.


Alright man thanks for the info


Enjoy your freedom.




Dont come back man, have some fun enjoy the life, it seems it doesnt worked wel for you the first time so why to come back? Try a new hobie maybe you can meet new people there


This is true, I’m not necessarily set on coming back either. I would just like to have my roster. Gives me the option. But I did take away the option for a reason and maybe its unwise to reintroduce it.