Possible to have perfect mods?

I wanted to bring this to the forum as I addressed it with the player’s faction leader who said although unlikely it is possible :joy:. I am curious as I know some top level players are on the forum and have played forever - is this mod setup possible in a region that is about 5 months old? @Bane @Kodak_black @Wanderer

I like to think I have better odds to win the Powerball than this being legit…


pshhhhht… who needs odds when you have vk? walkers in the server room (delivering perfect mods to happy buyers)


One or two sure, all, I’d have a better shot at knocking out a gorilla


I was just about to say this lmao.Let me add .When mods first came out you couldn’t even buy them till Thursdays or something like that and yet people in our region had perfect ones day 1.But yet still they didn’t get banned.they also had a limit the amount you could buy.


I have calculated the odds of any one gold mod rolling perfect to be about 1/10000 assuming all roll values are of equal probability (I doubt this is the case)


By chance this player’s name is bear something?

No and I won’t give it out due to this then supposedly violating tos

no, its Джонни or Стив


They all aren’t perfect. I don’t have any perfect mods but I don’t have as many as some. It seems unlikely but not impossible. And your odds on Powerball are 1 in 175,000,000

who was the 5th? father gabe, lydia, jesus, william and??? guard glenn?

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I have 2 perfect mods. But I also don’t buy mods non stop. So is it possible yes.

Likely? Depends on how many they’ve purchased I suppose.

Dam lucky noob

not necessarily a noob. could have started the game over in a new region. what prestiege are they?


If he hacked wouldn’t he hack himself a perfect weapon and some trainers to get his ar and as maxxed?

I don’t see having that many perfect but if he spends loads i guess he could. If they are legit i want his luck :joy:

I mean really? Each one has a 650 defense. Give me a break. Whats his prestige?

its pic of toons with shared mods…just moved some around during mod removal event…look close

My best one so far is a 620 hp mod

only 16 usd for perfect mod from vk…

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I have around 600 gold mods (well about 350 now bc I’ve sold the useless junk ones) and I have yet to get a perfect.