Possible solution to war party sizing

Howdy Scopes,

Just thinking out loud… Seems there are varying opinions regarding what’s more beneficial for the game and players during war events in terms of 6 v 6 or 8 v 8 war parties.

Can appreciate that low population regions would prefer 6 v 6 and higher population regions and very active factions prefer 8 v 8.

Is there any chance you guys could programme in a sliding war party feature that starts a war if there’s a match between two factions and they both have 8 players ready. If after 5 minutes (or however length of time) one or both factions have less than 8 people but 6 or more, a war can start straight away and just take the first 6 people in que?

In a nutshell, an AOW or CRW could be both a 6 v 6 or 8 v 8 depending on the amount of players ready in a war que. This would keep active factions/regions happy and also take into consideration less active factions/regions.

Hmmm too much work, just open up one 6* territory and make it pay out a single red velvet cake every 12 hours. Done


Hate to say it, but everyone would quickly choose 6v6. If the lower factions are choosing 6v6 and every time you choose 8v8 you end up against a top faction in the game, you’re going to drop down to 6v6 pretty quick.


Hmmm I suppose you could skew the mechanics and purpose of this mode by discussing within your faction to only que 6 players. But the intention would be to speed up match play. If there was a match between two factions, regardless of how many players were queued (as long as it was 6 or more)… War would start…

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