Possible season 9 spoiler

Just heard on the radio. Did a quick search but haven’t read the article yet. After The fall of Carl I’m thinking of that they might actually kill her off :slightly_frowning_face:

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Good for her. We know the actors on the show make crap considering just how popular it is. The current season is God awful too. Great time to get out find a new role to get into.

don’t think there’s really anything in this other than actress finds 2nd job

Nothing to say she can’t do both & the TV show follows such a different path to the comic that it doesn’t really need her.

Needs Carl though, god damn it. IT NEEDS CARL


Maybe they’ll put Maggie on a long pirate adventure like Michone did in the comics and when the new show season is over she’ll come back. They might even give her a Lori death and her and the baby dies. This show is going downhill. Imma miss Mrs. Cohan on the show but please AMC don’t fire my home girl Rosita.

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Eh, I guess her head will be visiting a pike courtesy of Alpha


Its about time, no Glenn then why have Maggie ? Duh

You might be right, and someone in the group will tell Alpha that she just murdered a woman who was with-child and she’ll kinda feel bad but not really damn. End of season 8 they’ll probably debut, slice some heads but we won’t know who did it till 9. Readers of the comics will know who it was though. All we’ll hear are screams and then black screen. Lol

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Well in the comic she killed *SPOILER

Rosita who was pregnant

Sir I know that. I was saying AMC might do another twist and kill Maggie instead.

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Oh I know… that you know. I’m saying that you very well could be true. Since the show has been known to replace certain deaths with another character.

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Thank you @WiTeBoY. I’m going to miss mrs. Cohan, but at least we’ll get to see Rosita and Siddiqs relationship now and Eugene will probably get a head slice too.

Dat spoiler. Who cares. Most of us probably read the whole thing at least up to the Ohio thing.

If you follow the show and the walking dead creator. You would know that AMC is being sued by kirkmen. Also the stars want a ton of money. It’s probably the last season of the show, as it is now.

AMC is run by penny pinchers who don’t want to pay the actors what they’re due.

August 12, 2015

It ain’t No Spoiler … almost 3 years old so carry on

if people moan about someone spoiling something thats been out this long its not the person who posted the informations fault

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So much for going for a joke.

i was in agreeance with you and the guy who posted about rosita etc, just peeps thinking they have a right to silence others for their slowness

OK then. Glad that’s all cleared up.

I’m looking forward to season 9 since Gimple will no longer be showrunner.

Too bad the person replacing him has written some of the worst episodes on the show