Possible Release plan for this ascendance list

This would resolve the issue of war rewards and the issue of slow ascendance.

Each war, release one of those toons on the ascendance list as the 1st place reward, and release their 6* version at this time. So every 2 weeks release a legacy 6* as the war reward.

It would look like this:
War 1:
1st place- ascendable andrea
2nd place- 5* tokens
3rd place - 5* tokens

War week 2: (2 weeks later)
1st place - ascendable kenny
2nd place - ascendable andrea(or last wars 1st place reward)
3rd place - 5* tokens

War week 3: (2 weeks later)
1st place - ascendable hunter
2nd place - ascendable kenny
3rd place - ascendable andrea

And so on. Each war the 1st place reward gets pushed down and a new ascendable is released. This will keep the game fresh and keep people craving war!
Please do this @kalishane , we cant keep waiting a month between each legacy 6stars, its KILLING all the regions.


Come on, we all know this list is for the next 6 months.

Good thought. The incredibly slow pace of these releases are really the only thing keeping me from spending again. All the collection events, daily log-in events and updated roadmaps have been great IMHO. Whether as rewards, stashes or premier wheel, if they were released every 2 weeks I’d start buying some coins and offers again…

This was a major complaint in the old wars when 5*'s were still being rewarded. It sucks to spend so much time and effort to get first place, then it becomes available later at a lower position. It was a kick in the nuts then, it would be now.


There will never be ascendable 5* as war rewards imo


Yeah because 5* tokens isnt a kick in the nuts. sarcasm

No andrea for war reward. If everyone doesn’t have at least 1 of her by now then what the hell have they been doing forever. Sub Dwight in as 1st one and I’m all about it he’s only obtainable thru prestige tokens atm.


Seems like an ok list. Too many blues and quite a few toons that are hard to come by. You put one green in there and there is no current way to get him. Kinda pointless unless you plan on giving everyone him for free in an event. You need to spend money to get Maggie as shes walled off by the p12 slot if you don’t already have her. Seems like half the list is a set up so people have to pay for them. Also worried that they are gonna make Andrea so crappy because so many people have her.

Guess we will have to wait and see as it’s very early. Thanks for getting the list out today as promised.

Or placements below 1st become box with chance at character or… Tokens with decreasing chances.

2nd place
50% toon, 50% tokens (10k)
33% toon, 66% tokens (10k, 7.5k)
25% toon, 75% tokens (10k, 7.5k, 5k)
20% toon, 80% tokens (10k, 7.5k, 5k, 2.5k)

Note formula I’m using is 1/(rank). Gives low rank players an random opportunity for growth and makes every rank valuable.

If you break that down by likelihood players receiving per rank out of 30 it’s.
1st - 30/30
2nd - 15/30
3rd - 10/30
4th - 8/30
5th - 6/30

Added benefit of not just being 1st place or nothing. Still growth opportunity and encourages more competitive game play. Secondary prizes should still have scaling sweetening the deal for placements.

10 characters at 2 weeks interval is close to 5 months so you’re not far off 6 months even with the proposed “accelerated” release schedule.
I would hope it’s a 5 month list since the first list is done by the end of April and they have admitted being under resourced at the start.

Believe some had mention a event coming next week

Kali said Lori would be part of an event and told us to stay tuned next week.

As for the new Ascendables being a part of war rewards, is it really necessary when many of these people can be obtained for free and with little effort? To be honest, if I had put work on buildings months ago, I would’ve had Andrea by now.

The point is more that rewards have been pointless for almost a year, and legacy ascendables are being produced far too slowly.
This is a viable fix solution to both.

Dwight is not attainable with “a little effort”. Being only on prestige wheel means he’s in fact almost completely unobtainable as you have over a 90% chance of getting a 4 star from that wheel and prestige tokens are the hardest to get. Also knox is completely unobtainable unless you got him in that one raid tourney and hunter is a straight p2p toon.

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Well since there already was at one time I disagree, Siddiq was a war reward. They know what we want and will eventually breakdown, cave in, and cough 1 up again. I don’t expect them to be a war reward on a regular basis any time soon tho just a one off again at some point I think.

Wym what have they been doing forever? We can’t control what characters we get…

I didn’t say we could control what characters we get. I said I think they will give some sort of ascendable as a war reward again at some point. I don’t expect to ever get ascendables as the war reward every time but I do think they will throw one in war rewards at some point again like they did with siddiq.

I was talking about that comment on Andrea…

Oh. Well she has been in the depot for years and she was one of the best toons for a long time. Anyone that doesn’t have her didn’t want her. A guy in my faction has 12 Andreas ffs.
And yes I realize that scopely will give who they want as a reward if they ever give one at all. I was merely stating my preference not to have her as a reward as she is the most common(most people have mulitples) and easily unobtainable character on the new list.


I wanted/want her, but can’t get her. I wasn’t around for years, going on almost a full year playing the game. I barely even see her in the depot and when I do, I have nothing to buy her with. I know others have this problem too, not trying to say “I’ve got the worst luck on this game” or anything.