Possible Region Merger?

Hello all, I’m a active resident of the Mitchell region(hellhole) and I would like to say that my region is pretty much dead we have about some 700 or so active players and I would like to recommend a possible merger( if it’s even possible) with another rival region such as Hall or Cowetta.


700 is quite good, there are many worse regions if you check my previous population research.

Dying regions needs a solution desperately.


Mrege will never happen. Either QUIT or create a new char in a fresh region. New regions tends to come out weekly.

Lol, 700. You guys are waaaaay down the list.

Quit or Create a new account? You’re kidding right? So essentially throw away all the time and money someone has invested in a region and it’s definitely their fault the region is dying? We have around 200 active players in choctaw. Definitely my fault so I should restart. At least give me the option to move to the oldest region amirite?

Hey im on your side. I think we should have region merges. Hell ill pay to migrate my account to another region. BUT its never going to happen. Scopely mades NO MONEY fixing regions.

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Sad but true

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There is tons of money in region mergers. Other games do it with new game changers(like the 6stars here) it gives people hope and lets a breath of fresh air. Number 1 fact may not be number 1 anymore. Competitive nature kicks in.

We have about 35 active players in Floyd so 700 sounds pretty decent to me! We have 2 factions that play and only 50% of each faction actively plays :frowning: Waiting for a merge!

Merge will never happen. Quit now and stop spending money. Read my digital lips… THEY WILL NEVER MERGE