Possible next gold bar toon found?

People are saying it’s green Marlon and Rosie here are a few other leaks s class pics people have sent me that it might be… Let’s hope they drop soon whoever it is

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The top one we haven’t seen but we have already seen AJ

Ew two support role toons lol

Angel, That’s AJ

Other unreleased S are Mateo, Marlon and rosie strong, Frost,

We have already seen them … angel and AJ …

There is clem too


They wont give a away toon. That costs fair bit in licensing


I mean they did it with lee

probably frost/marlon and rosie

lee was not a give away till 6s where a thing . lee also died season 1 clem been in game from day one to end season. And minerva was in very last season and she should have tag Take Us Back not sins of our past

Looks like I was right it was Angela

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