Possible hackers in dekalb

I feel like two of these guys could be hackers. I could be wrong but pres 4 and pres 3.


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Isn’t this one of the brand new regions? And the other one is McDuffie. I remember someone saying in another thread that the Edgefield hacker moved to one of the brand new regions

edit: found it

hopefully they do something soon lol.

They stopped caring about hacking. There’s a blatent one with proof in McIntosh and nothing has been done.

Wasnt they hacker in edgerfield lol

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That whole faction disappeared so thanks scopely :blush:


They still haven’t done anything about the hack in Mcintosh:( Sorry for whoever faces The Departed or whatever faction they war as in this weekends CRW:(

Keep an eye on them ss as much as possible especially in war keep sending them to hackers link.

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You guys think this is possible for this person to accumulate this many points or you think it is hacking?

9/10 hacking but he could have stolen his daddies CC and went to town. The only hack i have called out already had a new Rick before tokens could even be bought(but could be bought from VK).

Yeah they openly brag in GC about hacking, was going to join a new region and have some fun but first thing I see is the GC full of “hack lol scopely dont ban lolool” and just instantly left.

They got rid of the hackers in dekalb thank goodness.