Possible hackers in CRW?


We just had a war with a japanese team in CRW and in less than 3 mins they beat us. Neither team retreated, a good amount of us had decent teams ranked s5 or higher and only one person on our team got destroyed before the war seemed like it auto ended. Has anyone ran into something like this in wars?



Yeah this is what the Japanese hackers say before their 5x marlon team nukes me


Yea we have also problems with the Japenese player, 5 times the same weapon with the same mods etc.


I have heard of the same characters with same mods and same weapons thing but never heard about or seen a war where it ends before everyone dies. I’m pretty sure the way the game is made that it is impossible to win a war in 5 mins or less since the game makes it so you have to wait a certain time to hit people again after making a hit on them. Again, some of our people are s5 that was in the war and we were up against a group that had some s5 in it as well. There were people that made hits on the same person like 30 seconds after they made one hit on them so my only guess is they either had some sort of hack to bypass the wait timer but then that doesn’t explain how they won when only 1 person got their camp destroyed on our side. I understand if the entire group got destroyed but only one camp got destroyed and it was mine.


Won a war in 3:40 last AOW. It’s completely possible to win in 5 minutes if you have fast attack teams and are facing a more casual tiered faction.


Just lost a war. They had two players left, rest rebuilding. I went from full health to end of war in one minute. My colleague was half energy.
Something is wrong!


Unless your s5s are running revive stall, then it is possible to win in 3 mins, especially since they auto duel u. If u look at how a lot of the japs play they target 1 person at a time. If you dont have a good def, ppl can auto through you in 30 seconds at MOST.


Ty, understand. However, only two of them to go through a full me and half full other General in a minute? They have to wait before they attack more than once.


Ive seen factions with no strategy XD


Also scoring 20k in the first 1 min of a match.


Wow arent you a nice person.


Yea but IF you can’t say anything nice or helpful dont say it. Simple.


Thats 2k.


No. Get your facts right.


NO I AM RIGHT! wait what are we talking about again?


if your team is low level anyone can beat your whole faction in less than 4 minutes. it’s possible.


We just had a war with a team from Allen, and within 1 minute our whole faction was on half HP and then within 3 minutes we were completely dead. We are an S5 faction, shouldn’t be possible.


My faction is strong, we’re top 4 in region. And we could hit all of their members. But still wiped within 3 minutes…


the majority are S5+ and S5++, we have a few lower but the war team was all high S5s. I was averaging it to ‘S5’, didn’t realise I had a detective following the thread.