Possible fixing of survivor's club

Before you guys launch this new subscription, there are a few little changes I feel many would agree with implementing.
Firstly, take away the 2x food and mat production and lower the price. Many of the veterans do not need these since the gear depot was introduced. The materials are very easy to comeby whith only a few raids racking them up quicky. Even for new players this isn’t 100% necessary as they still have access to the same things us veterans have. Especially with the gear depot tokens being certain milestones.
Secondly, allow those who do have the subscription to save up their daily pulls to make it that much more worth it than the 30-day pass. This may even lead to more sales as many buy the pass only to buy premiers. With a few buying it for a better value on war repairs.
These are the changes I can see that would really help improve the value of the pass and possibly even convince a few more to buy it.
And yes, I’m well aware the general consensus on this pass is bad. But scopely will introduce it anyway, so im hoping these changes and any ones others have could help.


I doubt they’ll take away the most useless benefit in the subscription pass for a price decrease. If anything, they’ll lower the amount of free pulls you get from daily to bi-daily for that decrease price.

Gonna bump this in the off chance someone feom scopely will see it. Even if they’ll likely laugh it off

Why is this a big deal? The odds don’t change

Sure the odds don’t change, but a bigger pool of possibilities mayake someone’s lucky day

Ya but it’s the same odds regardless of when you do the pull, so idk why being able to save them would make a difference

Yeah, but saving them will give you the 10 Brady’s and 20 legendary medals if you wait 10 days. And the 125 tokens for 5* or whatever promo tokens they are running. So I don’t see them doing it simply for that reason

When doing pulls many prefer to pull many at one time. Single pulls may sometimes be lucky, but to have a decent (by which I mean some chance), of getting the toon you want, it’s statistically better to pull multiple at once rather than single pulls

Good point. Those who purchase the 30 Day pass for coins arent going to want to purchase both. I think Survivors Club must have daily coins like 30 Day pass. Get it right Scopely!

I like the idea of allowing us to stack pulls, but it wouldn’t make sense for them. A free tenner 3 times a month is $90 of value right there (assuming that you subscribe to the idea that bigger pulls have better odds). I would love it, but I doubt it.

I REALLY like the wood doubling. I’m forever running out of wood due to mod scraps.

At this price point, I would suggest adding in the 70 coins per day that we’re already paying $10 a month for. Keep that deal around for those just interested in coins and just make it so it’s one or the other so that those that want to spend less but still get coins have the option.


It has always stated that “the odds may increase with more pulls” Many of us take that to mean that they increase.

See that fine print on the bottom? The more you pull, the better your odds.

There is a key word in that sentence. The word is “may”. May means maybe or in Scopely lingo good luck.


“May” improve

You know, like

a “free” shield

Oh yeah. I agree. I know that my luck had only happened for tens or forties, but who knows what would’ve happened if I had done 40 single pulls.

We SHOULD get coins…the 30 day pass worth in weekly increments.

Pulls that will STACK for up to 40 (I would say 30 but ya know…40 pulls). So we can get “improved odds when pulling more”

Double max scrap capacity! Seriously…

I’m sure there are others but this pass is hardly worth it. @JB.Scopely

Although no lies this was a single pull from league coins like an hour ago.

F l e x (Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?)

Maybe in a raffle or draw but not with random number generation, when pulling like this the results will not change

The obvious reason you want to save pulls is for going for someone you want. Do you want to pull for Harlan or save up and pull for Jesus?