Possible fix to the game?

We need a update that features 6* tokens or change the 5* token wheel to include possible 6* toons obviously the name would have to change or just create something new that features every 6* and adds them to the wheel as they appear have older ones at higher odds since they are like 4s to 5s with the newer ones. Maybe have 1000 point redemption give them as placement awards like 1000 tokens for 1st 500 2nd etc. The reward system overall needs to rotate rewards as well hard to get excited about a level up etc when u know exactly what it is every time sure Lilith Ulysses gear and 5* tokens help but not really worth getting pumped about having toons made it worth the fight I’ve got many great ones in solo events and war. Or even give out coins which would really excite people even a few hundred would make people happy even though Im well over 500k coins spent I’d like the thought. New game modes as well are needed the same few events Make it boring at times I’m glad y’all listened about my idea for survival road even if u made it slightly different showed u read the post way back when but a few more ideas I have for events r gauntlet mode which u pick 5 toons to use and r randomly selected teams to fight till all 5 die incorporate speed bonus or turn bonus to make separation between players even as a mini event would b cool to see who the best attackers in the region are. Also mini wars like 2 on 2 3 on 3 4 on 4 without towers b fun. A crafting type event b nice as well.

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